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Goatboy’s 40k: Khorne Help Me – I Need 3 Lord of Skulls

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Dec 19 2019

All aboard the Khorne train! Goatboy here with a mean list to reap skulls. right before the Khornemas Holiday.  HO HO HO, KILL KILL KILL! 

The drop in points for the Lord of Skulls has really had me thinking about trying out 3.  Of course I only own 1, so I need to ask the Brass throne to put 2 more under the Khornemas tree.   I have been talking with some other Chaos Warlords online and testing has shown 3 of these king of the Tonka toy turds has been pretty powerful.  It represents an issue for Marines to chew thru and it plays quickly.  All keys to helping you crush an event where time is not your friend but getting skulls for Khorne is.  With that in mind – lets throw out this list so you can see what nonsense I want.  And if you have some Lord of Skulls laying around – shoot me an email.

Goatboy’s  Lord of Skulls Slayer Trio

Chaos Space Marines Battalion +5CP
Legion: Alpha Legion

Lord Discordant – Mark of Nurgle, Autocannon, -1CP – Clandestine – 160pts
Chaos Lord w/Jump Pack – Mark of Khorne, Chainsword X 2, Warlord – I am Alpharius, Relic – Hydra Blade – 93pts
Sorcerer w/Jump Pack – Force Stave, Mark of Nurgle – 116pts

Cultists X 10 – 40pts
Cultists X 10 – 40pts
Cultists X 10 – 40pts

Chaos Bikers X 9 – Mark of Slaanesh, Chainswords X 8, Combi-Bolter X 1 – 209pts

Super-Heavy Detachment + 3CP
Khorne Lord of Skulls – Hades Gatling Cannon, Ichor Cannon – 430pts
Khorne Lord of Skulls – Hades Gatling Cannon, Ichor Cannon – 430pts
Khorne Lord of Skulls – Hades Gatling Cannon, Ichor Cannon – 430pts

PTS – 1988 CP +10CP


Khornate Tactics

This is a simple list – it has 3 giant jerks, some Aura combos, and a unit of Bikers to help clear things out.  The Jerks are huge so they should keep you protected.  The Mark of Nurgle Sorcerer can take Miasma to help protect the Disco lord if needed as he can swap powers or just be a pain in the butt.  The Chaos lord is needed for the Aura and with Mark of Khorne he could double attack and wipe out a magic box or two.  The Bikers again are there to shoot out holes in bubble wraps as well as be a pain in the butt unit to try and remove sometimes.  Especially with 3 giant turds bearing down on your army.

It should play fast, be very aggressive, and can have some crazy explosive turns as you unless the holy hell of 2+ to hit Khorne Lord of Skulls rerolling ones to hit.  Who needs Daemonforge when you can just go gaga with giant Tonka doom trucks.  Its really annoying the ones I used to see on Ebay all dried up.  Makes me think the hive mind is working overtime when it comes to using giant Robos of doom.

Heck if you got one you are not using – shoot an email to go[email protected] and maybe we can swing a deal- khorne-style!


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