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GW Rumor Engine: Crank It Up

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Dec 10 2019

We’ve got a new Rumor Engine to ponder – check out this teaser image from Games Workshop!

Time to crank up…something. Take a look at this Rumor Engine and take some wild guesses:

via Warhammer Community

Another week, another tantalizing glimpse of cool new stuff. Stare long, and stare deeply. Meditate on this image and perhaps wisdom will find you.

This one is interesting! My first guess is that it’s something Imperial – just from the looks of the parts. But on top of that, we’ve got some other tale-tell signs that there is something else going on. For one thing, this piece of equipment is dinged up. notice the notches on the upper right and the wear and tear of the grey-scale paint job? Also, it looks like there was some make-shift repairs to the bundle of wires on the lower left.

So what all does that mean? Well, I don’t think it’s a Space Marine – they have Tech Marines to tend to their equipment! Could it be Astra Militarum? Perhaps, although if a Commissar is in town someone is saying “Uh-oh”. Ad Mech? Again, they take way more care of their equipment.



Don’t mind the robes – it the mechanical parts that matter!


So any other guesses? Well, it if IS Imperial, but banged-up a bit, what if it’s not exactly meant for military service? What if it’s Industrial equipment?

The Genestealer Cult are a possibility for sure. But what about Necromunda related miniatures? I could easily see this as an addition to the Underhive.

Okay then Internet, I’m leaving this one to you – let us know your guesses in the comments!



It’s a crank. But what does it crank up?

Author: Adam Harrison
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