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GW Rumor Engine: Happy Little Bonsai Tree

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Dec 3 2019

The new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop has us feeling very Zen today. Check this one out and find your center!

If this new Rumor Engine has you feeling strangely peaceful then you are not alone. But don’t worry – once you realise that this preview is for a new Warhammer Miniature, you’ll remember that things are Grim AND Dark.

via Warhammer Community

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes around here. The Rumour Engine will never fail to have dozens of fascinating subjects to photograph – poorly. And here’s one of them now!

Looking at this tree, or shrub, or …plant – it’s hard not to see that it resembles a Bonsai Tree:

So what does that have to do with Warhammer – I’m not sure! But it’s a cool tree however. That said, it does make me wonder which system this miniature will be a part of. As a plant, it’s natural to assume that this could be a part of the Sylvaneth line. However, they recently (as in this past year) got a book so I’m doubtful that this happy little tree is a part of their line-up.


Their trees are a bit more…animated.

Going through the rest of the armies in AoS, this style of tree doesn’t exactly jump out at me as something that fits either. Then again, maybe it’s not for a particular army – what if this is some new terrain feature? Like a new “generic” forrest or something along those lines:

Oh right – the Wyldwood is already a thing…

On the Warhammer 40k side of the house, I’m drawing a blank as well. So in that case here’s a few wild guesses for 40k:

  • New Space Marine Unit – The Bushmaster
  • New Tyranid Bio-Morph – Garden Stalker
  • New Drukhari Torture Device – The Dark Sapling
  • New Astra Militarum Army – The Leaf Grower
  • New Necron Philosophy – Life isn’t Heresy, which in itself, is a Heretical Statement

We’ve come for your TREES!



Alright Internet, let us know your crazy theories in the comments! And make Bob Ross proud.

Author: Adam Harrison
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