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GW Rumor Engine: ‘Nice Scabbard’

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Dec 31 2019
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This new Rumor Engine is a mysterious scabbard that holds an intriguing clue. Are Grail Knights coming back?

Hey Bretonnian players – I’m not one to get your hopes up especially considering your army is already in the Age of Sigmar. However, this new Rumor Engine is making me really wonder if we might see the rebirth of the “Fans of the Grail” club.

via Warhammer Community

“On this final day of 2019, we look forward to a new year – and loads of new models! Why, here’s one now… or, at least a tiny picture of a fraction of one. “

Let’s break this down. It’s a scabbard for a sword – I think we can all agree on that. It’s got a blunt tip which isn’t a super common motif we see with many of the scabbards in either the Grimdark or Mortal Realms – if you can think of some models that DO have a similar design please drop us a ling in the comments. But up towards where the hilt would be we have a strip of cloth with a doodad hanging off of it. That sure does look like a cup or chalice to me!

If you can’t see or don’t know about the Bretonnian connection, well, here’s a quick history lesson on Grail Knights from the Old World:

via Lexicanum

Grail Knights are legendary saints and heroes, blessed with exceedingly long lifespans and power beyond mortal men. These Knights are the very pinnacle of Bretonnian chivalry, honor, and bravery. To obtain the position of a Grail Knight is the ultimate goal for all Knights, and to become one is to be the very embodiment of a Holy Warrior. It is said that these Knights are one of the greatest of Mankind’s warriors to ever walk the earth, their superhuman skill and fearlessness making them an almost unparalleled cavalry.


So is it a Grail Knight or some type of old school Knight in general? Perhaps! But before we go all the way down that rabbit hole, there is also another option: Blood Angels.


I know how folks like to jump in the comments and jokingly say that “It’s a Space Marine” for just about every Rumor Engine. That joke never gets old…or something. But this time around, this really could be a Space Marine. Would anyone be shocked if this was the scabbard of a new Blood Angel character? Perhaps a Lieutenant? We could always use more Space Marine Lieutenants, right!?


Or Captains…of the Smashing variety, right?

But seriously, the grail or chalice is also a very common thing for Blood Angel’s and their successor chapters to use as talismans or doodads with their armor. That goes back to the Red Grail and how that whole thing works.

You can check out the Death Company or Sanguinary Guard Sprues for lots of grail icons all over the the place. In fact, if you’re a Blood Angel player, It’s worth picking up a box or two of both units just to sprinkle those bits throughout your army.

Anyhow – What do you think? Are we looking at a scabbard for a new Grail-themed force? Or is this a clue that there are more Marines on the way? Or do you have another theory?



Internet Detectives, you know what to do. Help solve this case and drop us your thoughts in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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