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Next Week’s 40K, Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

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Dec 02

Next week Slaves to Darkness, Blackstone Fortress, Aeronautica, Blood Bowl are headed your way. Get your wallet ready!

The latest Age of Sigmar army is upon us, along with 3 Specialist Games.  The holidays are upon us!

Slaves to Darkness

Battletome: Slaves to Darkness  $40

Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness  $95

Slaves to Darkness Endless Spells  $35

Slaves to Darkness Warscroll Cards  $25

Slaves to Darkness Cypher Lords  $65

Slaves to Darkness Iron Golem  $65

Slaves to Darkness Splintered Fang  $65

Slaves to Darkness Unmade  $65

Slaves to Darkness Corvus Cabal  $65

Slaves to Darkness Untamed Beasts  $65

Azyrite Shattered Plaza  $75


Azyrite Ruined Chapel  $60

Specialist Games

Blackstone Fortress Annual 2019 $25

Warcry Tome of Champions $35

Aeronautica Grot Bommas $50


Blood Bowl

Fire Mountain Gut Busters $35

Spike! Issue 8 $15

Ogre Team Dice $15

Ogre Team Pitch & Dugouts $42

Ogre Team Card Pack $27

Blood Bowl 2019 Almanac $50


Black Library

Sabbat Worlds Crusade (hardback): $27

Spear of the Emperor (paperback): $9.99


~What are you picking up?

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