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Pimpcron’s Epic Warplanner!

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Dec 14 2019

Pimpcron has unleashed Narrative gaming on the world.

Hey everybody! I’m the author of a weekly 40k column on Bell of Lost Souls, and the host of a weekly Warhammer podcast! You may know from such films as The Man Who Did Something and my break out performance on One Day Left To Right. Anyway, I am a lifelong game designer and I’ve been playing Warhammer for about a decade.

Everyone Loves Narrative Rules

I have noticed an issue within our community. The moment you suggest a narrative game of Warhammer or another 28mm wargame, people jump at the chance to participate. But if there is not clear leadership on how to make the narrative happen, things quickly fizzle. It’s like we all love the idea of narrative wargaming, but the majority of people do not know how to go about it.

That’s where my Epic Warplanner comes in! I have been running narrative campaigns by myself and with friends for years! My yearly wargaming convention even features two 24-person narrative big battles which is one of our most popular events. I know my way around a narrative battle.

What Games Does This Book Work For?

My lifetime of game design and my unadulterated creativity help me vomit up narrative mechanics, scenarios, and rules without end. But instead of hoarding all these chunky piles of knowledge for myself, I’ve published a book for use with your favorite 28mm wargame that uses D6’s!


Essentially, any 28mm wargame that uses D6’s is a good candidate for this book. I usually use it in my games of Warhammer 40k or AoS. This supplement book is genre neutral, meaning that it works equally well for fantasy as it does for futuristic games.

What’s in The Book?

Well, that my friend is a long list, but here it goes.

First off, it features a Plot Point mechanic that is a good way to help balance games. Essentially, the better off a player is doing in the game, the losing player gets bonuses that have a narrative flair to help even the odds.

Then we have a bunch of 2D6 charts for different settings such as deserts, arctic, polluted, vacuum of space, underwater, jungle, and even magical-soaked realms! These are super easy to drop into your normal games to help add a real feel for where the battle is taking place. At the start of the game, roll once or twice on the chart and the effects apply for the whole game to both players.


How will the terrible cold affect your armies?

After that is the Role Playing Tables which are a new and flavorful way to add some personality to your units in a normal game. It is not nearly as in depth as D&D, because the idea is not to derail your normal game of choice. The idea is to add flavor without killing the flow of your game.

Do you like nail biting scenes of hacking or puzzle solving as the enemy draws close? I included 3 different types of hacking/puzzle solving mechanics to spice up your games. It doesn’t matter if a Wizard is trying to unbind a dark enchantment, or a engineer is trying to decrypt a code, these puzzles are fun.

But Wait! There’s More!

After all of that is six custom narrative missions designed to tell a story, and each comes with an optional twist or two to change things up further.

Following all of that is the Narrative Rules section that provides a 5-game narrative campaign that is genre neutral but is easy to fill in the gaps with your own narrative. Then there are rules for solo campaigns that involve just yourself or even other people! Finally we included Warlord abilities for your general that improve him/her as the campaign goes on. But watch out! Each time your general is KO’d they must roll on the bad chart, giving them debuffs.

Your Warlord is changed during the course of the campaign.


Then we added rules for civilian objectives which are a lot of fun, and finally we included our unique Scenario Mode! This is one of my favorite parts of this book. It is meant to cut the crap and through you right into the battle! six random player deployments, six random missions, and six random enemy deployments! You may be in melee on turn one! This is designed for Co-op or Solo play using the A.I. Logic Tree we included in the book.

Yes! There are two different A.I. mechanics in this book to choose from; one is dice based, and one is logic tree based.

What Will This Book Do For You?

Well, there’s a lot in here and I’ll run down the common questions and try to answer them the best I can.

Can it be used for natural male enhancement? Unsure.

Will it clean up my spills with ease? I think so. A book is like a paper towel’s cousin.

It works for fantasy AND futuristic genres!

Can I used it to help improve the enjoyment of my 28mm wargaming? Absolutely, I was afraid it was going to be another dumb question.

How does it do for rolling paper? I don’t smoke, but I suppose it is as good as other paper for smoking, though that’s not the point if I’m being honest.


Why doesn’t this include batteries? Okay, now you’re just being silly.

You can find my game-changing book HERE for $19.99 on Amazon!



Author: Scott W.
  • Outside the Box - November 15th