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Total War: Warhammer 2 – Skaven Claws Has Gifts For Every Player

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Dec 15 2019

Even if you haven’t set out on a quest of daemonic temptation, or sneak-kill death-murder, every player has a little gift in the latest update for Warhammer 2.

That’s right folks, the latest patch for Total War: Warhammer II, which introduces The Shadow and The Blade to the game, has something for everyone, even if you don’t have the DLC. The latest update includes some quality of life updates, including a new reduced turn time that should make the Old World ripe with new delights. Come and take a look at what’s out!

via Creative Assembly 

The watchword of this patch is maintenance. We’ve done a host of tweaks and balance changes to all sorts of areas, as well as sorting out our faction naming consistency, reworking Black Arks in a manner befitting their dread reputation, and some much-needed optimisation passes to the end-turn process in order to speed it up.

Both Mortal Empires and Eye of the Vortex campaigns will see these new updates, so players of either campaign have a lot to look forward to, including overhauled artwork for your favorite legendary lords:

There’s the before, now drop an after on me:


There have also been some faction changes, addressing some of the legacy issues that come from originally just having one faction of dwarves–now you have Karaz-a-Karak, for instance. And speaking of Dwarves, Gotrek and Felix get some minor tweaks and buffs–now Gotrek benefits your lords, giving them the blessing of his XP. And they stick around for 30 turns now.

But now let’s talk about the Black Arks, which have seen some serious retooling now that Hag Graef is on the scene:

To complement The Shadow & The Blade, Black Arks have received a mechanical overhaul to diversify their gameplay.

Black Arks are now full characters with access to items, skills and traits

  • Black Arks are now able to blockade ports and attack coastal settlements
  • Black Arks now have access to unique skills that further improve their army, making them the true terrors of the seas!
  • IMPORTANT: Black Arks present in old saves will convert to the new type, but when that old save is loaded after the update, newly converted Arks will begin at level 1 and have no starting traits. Any Arks recruited after that point will correctly have their starting trait

For a full list of new updates, check here.

Good luck generals!


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