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Warhammer 40K: 5 Things We Want From ‘Ritual of the Damned’

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Dec 06

It’s time to talk Thousand Sons, Dark Angels, and Grey Knights – the three armies involved in Ritual of the Damned.

The fourth chapter in the Saga of Psychic Awakening has been announced and we know it involves the three armies above:┬áThousand Sons, Dark Angels, and Grey Knights. All three of these armies could use some help and we’ve got some ideas on how Ritual of the Damned can do just that.

Improve Smite Spam…Sorta?

The Grey Knights and the Thousand Sons are two very, very psychic armies. They both can “Smite Spam” to a point, although it’s pretty clear that Thousands Sons can do it much better (thanks Magnus). Games Workshop needs to do something for both of these armies to where they can use Smite – or a Smite-like power – more effectively.

Sure, they already issued a big, macro fix, but both of these armies could use something that allows their Brotherhoods of Psykers to have a psychic attack power that can be used repeatedly. It shouldn’t be as powerful as full blown Smite, but it should be something better than what they have currently.

Thousand Sons Need Sub-factions

This all goes back to the fact that Space Marines can essentially stack special rules because of the Sub-factions. You know who could use similar help? The Thousand Sons. Plus, they already have 5 sub-factions from their 30k days.

Maybe they just use these – the different Thousand Son Cults. Give them all a special rule like a Sub-faction or use these to make 5 new psychic powers that the Thousand Sons Sorcerers get access too (they pick their school and get 1 extra power for free). Point is, it’s backed by lore and this could help the Thousand Sons out quite a bit.


Dark Angels Need Primaris Deathwing And Ravenwing

This is another thing that is backed-up by the lore: Primaris Marines are members of the Ravenwing and Deathwing. All Games Workshop has to do at this point is to create “Deathwing Aggressors” rules and “Ravenwing Suppressor” rules – basically all the heavy/fast Primaris Marine options would go to their respective Wing. The Primaris are part of both Wings, they need to get some rules love to help out the Dark Angels as a whole.


Bring Back The Lion


Can we stop dancing around this issue and just bring back another loyalist primarch? The Lion would be quite a twist as well – he’s had dubious loyalty to the Imperium so having him back to challenge Robbie G could really put a cool spin on the narrative. The Imperium has been split in two and while it’s had a unified “front” the injection of Lion El’Jonson could shake-up things from an internal politics side. That could set the stage for ripples and stories for YEARS to come.


Grey Knight Primaris Marines

Look, everyone and their brother have been crossing the Primaris Rubicon lately. If Mephiston and and Tigurius can do it and still be Psychically Super Charged, why can’t the Grey Knights? Also, I just kind of want to see what GW does with wrist-mounted Bolt rifles and Primaris Marines. That would be rad.

Ritual of the Damned is up next – What changes would you like to see for any or all of these Armies?


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