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Warhammer 40K: Lost Treasures

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Dec 20 2019

The Grimdark is FULL of amazing lost races and treasures – these are the ones we really want to see return to the game!

When we go back into the archives of Warhammer 40,000, there are a LOT of things from previous editions that could make a triumphant return to 40k. The odds of ever seeing some of these again might be slim, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss them. Here’s some of our favorite lost treasures from the Grimdark Past!


There was no way we could start a list without mentioning Squats. The clock DID break, remember, so it’s okay to talk about them now. Will we see them again? Eh…Not holding our breath. That said, Games Workshop has been creating entirely new armies for their systems at a pretty good pace so maybe it’s not as crazy as it once sounded.



Yep – they had models! They had rules, too! We’d love to see these Sci-fi Centaur Lizard-ish men return to the Grimdark. Could they be part of an army or a stand-alone faction? Why not both! The Zoats would be a fascinating addition to the game no matter how GW sliced it.



While they never had an official model, they did have rules. Enslavers were down right scary and it would be really, really cool to see how GW could implement them back into the game. Do they become HQ units for different armies as they take over their minds? Do they represent the first wave of something much more sinister that was traveling through space but has finally arrived? They are just so…alien compared to pretty much anything else in the game, too. Even Tyranids have a sort of recognizable shape. Enslavers would give GW the opportunity to have some really different designs.


Kroot Mercs

If you go back and look at the full range of Kroot rules from previous editions, the Kroot really did have a lot of unit options. They even had Kroot units that could fly. It would be really cool to see GW go back and redo the entire Kroot faction. Don’t make them a sub-optimal choice for the T’au, make them something new and an army that can stand alone. Fill out the range and make the a real fighting force, not an “also ran” afterthought. Kroot Mercs! Make it happen.

Space Marine Jetbikes

Imperial Jetbikes used to be a thing. Then they kind of went away. Then the Custodes brought them back with a vengeance. So…can the marines get them back now? Games Workshop did just kill off all their Bike Characters for matched play moved their Bike Characters to Legends so you can use them forever. Maybe they are clearing some space for a new breed of biker – which is actually an old breed of biker: The Jetbike!


Weird Grenades – Psyk-Out, Anti-Plant Grenades, Rad-Grenades, Hallucinogen Grenades, etc.

Okay, some of these have been brought back and are still used – but I’m talking about the 2nd and 3rd edition versions. Oh man, these versions were NUTS. Anti-Plant Grenades could be a great option for destroying terrain in the game! Think about that one for 8th edition? Could be kind of cool. Bring back the Weird Grenades!!!



So what are some treasures from the past do you miss and which they would return?

Author: Adam Harrison
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