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Warhammer 40K: Retired Space Marine Units

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Dec 3 2019
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Wondering what’s going missing for Matched Play? The new Chapter Approved 2019 has the answers and these Space Marines are going bye-bye.

Games Workshop’s latest Chapter Approved 2019 has a new update for all the points for all the units currently in the game. They are all conveniently in a booklet called the Munitorum Field Manual.

In the Introduction section, there is a paragraph that explains that this book contains all the points for the units currently supported for Matched Play. The subtext there is that if the models names and points aren’t in this book, they are no longer supported for Matched Play – their points are out of date/out of balance and GW intentionally hasn’t included them. It goes on to say that if you want to use those units, refer to the Warhammer Legends section on the Warhammer Community website. At the time of publication, there isn’t currently a Warhammer Legends section on Warhammer Community.


We knew that GW was cooking up a way to retire some units to “Legends” Status. So we did some digging and compared the Munitorum Field Manual to the Indexes and checked which units are no longer listed.

Missing Units

Space Marines

  • Librarian on Bike
  • Techmarine on Bike
  • Chaplain on Bike
  • Apothecary on Bike
  • Company Ancient on Bike
  • Company Champion on Bike
  • Company Veteran on Bike
  • Imperial Space Marine
  • Honour Guard
  • Chapter Ancient
  • Chapter Champion




  • Calgar in Artificer Armour
  • Land Raider Terminus Ultra

Legion of the Damned

  • Damned Legionnaires

White Scars

  • Kor’sarro Khan on Moondrakkan

Blood Angels

  • Sanguinary Priest on Bike

Dark Angels

  • Interrogator-Chaplain on Bike


Space Wolves

  • Rune Priest on Bike
  • Wolf Priest on Bike
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Bike
  • Iron Priest on Bike
  • Iron Priest on Thunderwolf
  • Lone Wolf
  • Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour
  • Wolf Guard on Bikes

It’s pretty clear that GW was targeting Space Marines on Bikes as the vast majority of these units are “[Unit Name] on Bike” – that said there are still some surprises in this line-up. We also want to mention a few things:

  • This list is only for units currently in the game – there wasn’t a ton of unannounced units in the Munitorum Field Manual.
  • We only looked at non-Forge World Space Marine units
  • We don’t know if these units are going to get another update at some point, only that they do not have Matched Play Points in the Munitorum Field Manual

We can’t stress that last part enough. Some of the units list may have gotten their names swapped around, too. For example Calgar now only has one version because he got Primaris’d – he had two in the Index, one of which is gone and the other which is no longer valid because the Matched Play Points refer to Calgar as a listed in the Codex (Primaris) where the Index still had him as a classic marine.

So now the question I’m sure everyone is asking is “Can I still play with my models!?” Yes – for Open or Narrative Play. However, they don’t have current Matched Play Points in the latest update. So if you’re going to use them in Matched Play, you better talk to your Opponent first if it’s a pick-up game. If you’re going to a Tournament, you better check with the Tournament Organizer first to see if your unit is “legal” for their tournament.

There was a reason this one went MTO…



~Have at it, folks!

Author: Adam Harrison
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