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Warhammer 40K RUMORS: New Edition Drip Drip Drip Continues

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Dec 11 2019

The talk of a new edition keeps on dripping out of the woodwork Grimdark fans. Here’s the latest.

We’ve been hearing for months now that a new edition is likely in 2020. The rumors are picking up as we approach the new year. Here’s the latest:

Previous Rumors: 

  • Look for 40K 9th Edition in 2020.
  • It will be a polish-cleanup edition for 8th.
  • Some rules mechanics from Age of Sigmar are being integrated into the game.
  • Refining of rules for some troublesome KEYWORDS
  • Psychic Phase to be reworked.
  • Only a tiny number of codexes remain before the new edition arrives.
  • Psychic Awakening series is a rules & background leadup to the new Edition.

The New Stuff

Industry Insiders say:

  • Flyers are being looked at for rules changes.
  • A Grimdark equivalent of AoS Endless Spells is coming.
  • These Psychic Intrusions will come in a standalone box akin to Malign Sorcery.
  • Less than 4 codexes remain before the new edition arrives.


What type of “endless spells should 9th Edition get?


This latest set of rumors looks to be build atop the previous ones from weeks back. Right off the back – standard salt applies to all of these. If 1-3 codex remain, a new Edition would be coming up fairly soon. Now there appears to be many volumes (at least 3) left in Psychic Awakening, so if codexes are awaiting the conclusion of that series, a usual GW timeframe of June-July for a new Edition makes sense – if not sooner. 

These three still don’t cover all the armies listed.

Most of this set of rumors is describing the “not endless spells” that have been a big hit for Age of Sigmar, heading over to 40K. It’s an easy addition to bolt onto the game, especially with a new edition. The addition of this type of thing could help explain the earlier description of an overhaul to the Psychic Phase. If GW follows the AoS model, we would see an initial box of generic spells, followed by army-specific boxes with each subsequent codex release.  It’s an easy way to make psykers more important to the game and add a SKU to each army. No idea how you handle the non-psychic races like Tau and Necrons, but I’m sure GW will figure it out.


I’m -7 to hit! Suck it ground pounders!

Finally that flyer rumor is interesting. I think we can all agree that Flyers have been an oddball in 8th, and have generated all kinds of exploits and loopholes that have been FAQed and patched up over the last two years. I think GW could certainly go back to the design board and rework flyer rules to give them more distinct (and fair) interactions and behavior on the tabletop. I think flyers have gone through at least 4 rules iterations since their original introduction by Forge World over a decade ago. What’s one more?

Time will tell.

~Have at it.

Author: Larry Vela
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