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Warhammer Total War Introduces Medusae

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Dec 3 2019

Come take a close up look at one of the new units introduced to Total War: Warhammer 2 in the new Shadow and Blade expansion: the Medusa.

The Shadow and the Blade is an upcoming new expansion for Total War: Warhammer II that focuses on a conflict between Malus Darkblade, the dark elf that puts the goth in gothic fantasy, and Deathmaster Snikch, who is a Skaven ninja so deadly that they keep his location a secret from pretty much everyone, so that enemies and allies live in fear of Snikch in every shadow.

But it’s not just the two Legendary Lords. This new update adds new units on both sides. Today, as you have seen in the video up there, we’re looking at the Medusa. These serpentine dark elf warriors were once sorceresses of Ghrond, if you believe the rumors.

Their aspirations towards beauty led them to use their own magics–and a bit of murder–to become even more beautiful than the gods. From a certain point of view. From another point of view, they’re strangely compelling snake monsters who will slice you, dice you, and turn you to stone as soon as look at you. But will their serpentine wiles be a match for the trick-cunning of the Skaven?

You’ll have to play the game to find out. For more new units and previews of what else is in the Shadow and the Blade, check back here.

In the meantime,  what do you think of these old world ophidians? Let us know in the comments.


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