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Watch it Get Made: Clean Up Your Holiday Gathering Mess with a Flying Roomba

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Dec 26 2019

Clean up stray tinsel, wrapping paper scraps, fruit cake crumbs, and disappointment that you didn’t get that starter box you wanted on all floors of your house with a modified robot vac.

Peter Sripol has built everything from a flame-throwing toy firetruck to a boat/go-kart to a homemade electric airplane.

In this build, he tackles one of the more annoying issues robot vacs have: the inability to go up and down stairs. The fix he comes up with is attaching three ducted fans and turning the vac into a drone that will tackle stairs with ease. You can find a full list of parts over on YouTube if you have the know-how and desire to make your own.

Check out the full build-out and some potentially annoying applications for the modified vac…

Author: Mars Garrett
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