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40K RETRO: Adeptus Titanicus’ Eldar Titans are Born

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Jan 13

You won’t believe how FAST GW expanded Adeptus Titanicus to include Eldar – in 1989…

With Adeptus Titanicus’s 30 year anniversary (shocking right!) we thought it was a perfect time to go back 3 decades to compare it to what GW was up to back in the day. We already saw how GW kicked out 2 new titans and rules for Land Raiders in it’s first month.

We’ve already covered the initial White Dwarf 108 (1988) launch of Titanicus here. Now let’s move forward to see what gems White Dwarf 110 contained.

Guess who showed up the very next month?


White Dwarf 110

Well that didn’t take long did it… this issue gave us not only rules for the Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen infantry – but also rules for Eldar Titans and Dreadnoughts! This is TWO MONTHS after the game launched. Let’s go through some sample pages to give you a taste:

I spy space Marine infantry mixing it up with the vehicles and titans.

Phantom Titan, War Walker, Eldar Dreadnoughts, Support Platforms. The Phantom Titan in 1989 was 10 years ahead of it’s time – a model that still holds up to this day.

Phantoms supporting the Loyalists took it to the Traitor legions in many key battles during the Horus Heresy. They were not trusted, but such potent allies would not be turned down by the Loyalist Titan Legions.


Background for the Eldar units. Note the original “doorstop” version of the Falcon, quite different from the current version.

Gotta love that 80s fashion on the Eldar titan crew. Just soak up that early Eldar Titan Clan background. Note that Eldar titan clans have their own livery and do not use the colors of their home Craftworlds.


Another Good Story

White Dwarf 111 was just around the corner – we’ll talk about it’s gigantic mysteries later, but now I want you to to read these two quick stories that set the vibe of the Heresy, and Titanicus in its earliest days.  I love them both.
The Eldar lament

The Imperium takes Tallarn.

~For the Emperor!




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