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40K RUMORS: Orks On the WAAAGH

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Jan 15

The rumorsphere is hopping, and there’s a new set of Orky rumors muckin about. Here’s the latest on the greenskins.

It’s been awful quiet on the Orky front. Since they got a little love with four specialist Detachments in Vigilus Defiant early in 2019, it’s been radio silence.  Still, we know they are coming at some point in Psychic Awakening, so it won’t be long.  But there’s word out there of something more substantial coming down the pipe in the months ahead.

via Industry rumormongers


  • New Ork Codex is coming.
  • Look for it after Psychic Awakening wraps up.
  • Plastic Tankbusters coming.
  • 1-2 other new plastic kits.
  • New plastic Ghaz is very likely.
  • Timeframe mid year (Q2-3)


This one feels like it’s aligned with the other recent rumors we have seen of big things and the return of lots of 40K codexes right after Psychic Awakening wraps up.  This appears to be lining up with summer and as we know GW loves to launch its big new editions in Summer. We will have to wait and see exactly what happens to 40k this year. The rumorsphere is split on new edition timing with some saying 2020, and some saying 2021.

As for the Orks themselves, this seems like a likely set of rumors for their next release window regardless of when it arrives. They have one of the most complete and majority plastic of ranges in the entire game and aside from characters, have only a handful of finecast units left.  Tankbustas are a safe bet, as well as 1-2 characters moving over to plastic. Heck GW will probably do at least 1 character during Psychic Awakening to speed things along. If I was GW and wanted a big splash with a new Ork Codex, there is nothing bigger than Ghaz to bring in the fans.

Have at it, and WAAAAAGH!!!!


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