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GW Rumor Engine: Shields Within Shields

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Jan 14 2020

Or was it plans within plans? Whatever the case, it’s a new Games Workshop Rumor Engine!

Well this new Rumor Engine certainly has us asking some questions. So take a look for yourself!

via Warhammer Community

The crack team of engineers assigned to the Rumour Engine has been hard at work adjusting the focus and zoom levels. Of course, the team is mostly made up of Nurglings, and thus far they’ve proven rather unreliable. This latest image is only the most recent example of their ineptitude, but if you look at it just right it’s kind of a nice composition…



Well now – what do we have here? It looks like a very large shield to start. It also looks like it’s a little hodge-podge an scrap built. There is a shield that has been bolted on/in to this larger round object. There are also quite a few trophies on there – the skulls and teeth. So what could this be for and who’s using it?

Based the designs, I’m personally leaning toward a member of Destruction. We just got Ogors and Orruks – and while both of those could fit, I’m not sure this is for either of them. If those skulls are to scale along with the shield (the one inside), then this shield would be the size of an Orruk. That makes me think of one OTHER member of that family that could probably use some love:


Yeah buddy. What if this is the shield for a Gargant! It’s been awhile since the Gargants had a new kit. Perhaps this is a good fit. Then again, we might just get a really, REALLY big Orruk or Ogor model with this crazy shield. Or maybe GW is going to go the other route and it’s going to be like 10 gobbos behind this shield. That would actually be kind of funny.


Alright Internet – you know what to do. What do you think this new Rumor Engine is for? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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