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40K RUMORS: Ritual of the Damned – Thousand Sons Rules

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Jan 9 2020

There’s a set of rumors running about about the Thousand Sons in the next volume of Psychic Awakening. Take a look.

We’ve already seen what the other Chaos Legions received in Faith and Fury, so we have some baselines for what to expect for upcoming factions. Here’s what came from the Thousand Sons Discord channel via a rumormonger reported on the AdMech Knight Blog:

The Rumors


LOTS of salt on this one folks. Treacherous Translocation seems wacky, but hey…maybe? I fully expect the book to be out in the next week or two, so we’ll know what is legit in no time. The main focus of this is details on a mono-faction bonuses. This would be in line with GW’s emphasis on promoting mono-faction builds of late.  The Stratagems sound in line with the ones we have seen in recent codexes, with little caveats added to allow Daemon summoning.


~ Have at it.



Author: Larry Vela
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