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D&D: Need An Adventure In A Hurry? Here Are 60 One-Page Adventures

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Jan 20 2020

Are you in need of a quick adventure? One Redditor has graciously designed 60 page-long adventures for a variety of environments. Check them out!

One page dungeons are fantastic–they capture an entire dungeon, complete with map, encounters, traps, and intricate twists and turns and even an overarching plot all in one area. There’s a whole lot of them out there, we’ve covered a compendium of them in the past. But now, inspired by the one page dungeon contest, one Redditor, u/Drasha1, has designed 60 page-long adventures. And these convey a whole lot in just a few words–you’ll find some excellent examples of how to use the environment as a storytelling tool and as a threat. Interesting things happen on a failure as well as a success.

So don’t delay, check them out below.

via Reddit

Here is a collection of 60 one page adventures for most enviornments for the level 1-15 range that I have been working on for 2 years. Each page takes 2-3 hours to complete depending on player speed and is designed to be dropped into any adventure. The initial idea was to use these for traveling through environments as a skill challenge to get from place to place but they work well as their own mini adventure. The included environments are arctic, coast, desert, grassland, hills, forest, mountain, swamp, underdark, underwater, urban, and the planes of fire, water, earth, air, chaos, order, dawn, and dusk.

This has been a long project that has seen me go from a noob GM to having 2 years of experience over 2 different campaigns. I was inspired by the dungeons I found in the one page dungeon contest and decided to make a large collection of dungeons and adventures that would work as a tool kit for running a big world with less planning up front.

Happy Adventuring!


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