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D&D: The Try Guys Try D&D

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Jan 08

In a game only 2020 could bring us, the Try Guys are taking up dice and paper to try their hand at the magic worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.

If you wanted to perfectly encapsulate the latter half of the sixties, you could pick a few moments: flowers placed in the barrel of a rifle, the Beatles’ rooftop concert atop the Apple Records building. Nixon and Elvis shaking hands sums up the ethos of the 70s. For the 80s, you might look at something like the fall of the Berlin Wall, though really you could just put up Stranger Things and be fine. But nothing captures the heady, pop-culture rich loam of 2020 quite like the Try Guys, formerly of Buzzfeed, playing D&D on an actual-play podcast.

We’ve presented the episode below, which features host James D’Amato running the four Try Guys: Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, Keith Harbersberger, and Eugene Lee Yang, through an introductory adventure. The podcast itself is quite lovely, you can see the Guys’ typical humor and energy channeled into the fantasy world they let themselves sink into. And D’Amato does an excellent job of conveying the heroic adventure and wrangling new players. There’s a lot of great improvised moments to watch out for, and I believe this is the first episode in a multi-part series, so there’s a few more coming in the recent days.

via Oneshot Podcast Network

James takes The Try Guys to Snowdonia, a land of danger and adventure haunted by the terrible crimson mist. It is up to:

  • EdGar, an Ivy League-educated barbarian searching for his lost family (Ned Fulmer)
  • Hotankles, a teifling bard working on a song that will one day save the world (Zach Kornfeld)
  • Joshua, a dragonborn sorcerer who loves to paint and travels the world for new pigments (Keith Habersberger)
  • Carol, a drow rogue femme fatale trying to keep her sordid past behind her while fighting for gay rights (Eugene Lee Yang)

…to track the mist to its source and protect the innocent Snowdonian villagers accused of witchcraft.

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Happy Adventuring!

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