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Forge World Pre-Order: Gloriel Summerbloom

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Jan 03

Watch out for that HAIR! It’s Gloriel Summerbloom – a new Star Player miniature for Blood Bowl from Forge World!

via Forge World

Gloriel Summerbloom $30


Gloriel Summerbloom is famously whimsical and carefree, even for a Wood Elf! She revels in the beauty and grace of a well-played game, though she doesn’t care for the violence which everyone else seems to enjoy so much. Her fans find this refreshing, whilst her detractors find it hopelessly naive. What none dispute, however, is her almost supernatural throwing accuracy and agility on the pitch.

Your Wood Elf team can hire this Star Player to ensure a stunning passing game. Not only is the model incredible, encapsulating the grace and fluidity of Wood Elfs, but her Skill list is amazing. She’s posed mid-leap, holding the ball back in a wind-up to a throw, her long braid and sash flowing around her. If you’re looking for a fun painting project, the detailed leaves, vines, and hair will make for a suitably impressive display piece!

This finely detailed resin model is supplied in 9 components, including a 32mm round base. Gloriel Summerbloom is exclusively available to play for Wood Elf teams. You can find all the rules you need to use her in your games of Blood Bowl in the 7th issue of Spike! Journal, the Team Card Pack: Wood Elf Team and the Blood Bowl Almanac 2019.


She can whip it! Whip it GOOD! (Her hair that is.)

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