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Age of Sigmar: Disciples of Tzeentch – Faction Focus Previews

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Jan 02

The Disciples of Tzeentch are getting some updates to their rules and are looking to come out in 2020 swinging for the magic fences. Check out what they can do!

With a new Battletome on the way the Disciples of Tzeentch are getting some new rules and today GW is showcasing some of those for your viewing pleasure. If you want to dominate the field with magic (or get an even bigger return on investment) it’s time to become a Disciple of Tzeentch.

via Warhammer Community

Tzeentch is the Chaos God of Change, undisputed master of magic and schemer without compare. Tzeentch and his followers draw strength from ambition, alteration and conflict. From his daemonic legions to cults in the heart of the Cities of Sigmar and tribes of marauding Tzaangor, each of Tzeentch’s followers seek knowledge and power – all the better to incinerate the Mortal Realms in the coruscating flames of change.

Destiny Dice Return

Tzeentch pioneered the Destiny Dice system for Age of Sigmar but if you’ve played any games against the new Sisters of Battle in 40k, then you’ve gotten to experience a similar system. The Tzeentch Player can roll 9 dice at the start of the game and those results are set aside. During the course of the game you can use those dice to replace certain rolls during the game to ensure you get the exact result you need!

Changes to the Locus of Change

The Locus of Change has been updated and simplified to make it easier to use and understand. If your Tzeentch Daemon unit is WHOLLY within 12″ of a friendly Tzeentch Daemon Hero they get some added protection. Melee attacks that target the unit are -1 to be hit! That’s going to afford you some extra survivability in melee which is where those units tend to have …issues.


New (Hidden) Agendas

The Disciples of Tzeentch are getting a new Hidden Agenda system that allows them to get some rather interesting abilities during the game. I’ll let GW explain:

“Every hero phase, you can announce that you’re attempting to complete one of five agendas. If one of your Tzeentch units completes that agenda, they get a new ability as a reward.”

So there are 5 new Hidden Agendas coming soon and we have a look at Mass Conjuration as an example:

That might sound like a tough one to pull off – but don’t forget about those Destiny Dice. That pay off also sounds pretty darn spicy for a Tzeentch Wizard, too.

Fate Points Updated

It seems like every Chaos Daemon army has a different summoning mechanic (because they do). For Tzeentch, it’s their Fate Points system. No – not those Fate Points. These Fate Points are generated by casting spells – and the best part is that it doesn’t matter which side is casting the spells! As long as the magic is slinging, the Disciples of Tzeentch are generating Fate Points. You can then spend those points to bring in a whole new batch of units options. Here’s a few teasers:


Can you even cast 30 spells in a game? I have a feeling that the Disciples of Tzeentch sure are going to try! And I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some ways to manipulate or get bonus Fate Points, too. Probably through their new and exciting…


The DoT are getting some new Sub-Factions in the form of Change Covens. These allow you to cater your army and playstyle to a particular sub-factions skill set. You’ve seen this type of thing in all the previous battletomes and now it’s Tzeentch’s turn!

Each Change Coven rewards you for choosing a thematic army with powerful and distinct new abilities. Want to blow stuff up? The Eternal Conflagration is for you! In this Change Coven, Flamers of Tzeentch are Battleline, meaning if you like, you can have an army made almost exclusively of these fire-spewing monstrosities! What’s more, they’ll be capable of chewing through even the heaviest of armour thanks to the Twisters of Materiality ability.

Oh and you know how I was just thinking about how the DoT were probably going to have ways to mess with their summoning. Well, say hello to the Guild of Summoners:

They can ONLY summon Lords of Change, but the first one costs 9, the second 18, and the third and everyone after costs 30. If you’re wanting to bring in the birds, this is the way to do it!

Warscroll Updates

Naturally, with a new Battletome GW is also updating many of the Warscrolls in the book. One of the big changes has been to the way Horrors of the Pink, Blue and Brimstone variety work.


Every time a Pink Horror is slain, you add two Blue Horrors to the unit. Every time a Blue Horror is slain, you get a base of Brimstone Horrors. Don’t have the models? Don’t worry! You can choose to inflict mortal wounds instead. The cost of Horrors has been upped to compensate for this, but these spell-slinging nesting dolls wreak more arcane havoc than ever before.

That’s kinda mean! The option to do mortal wounds is a nice alternate option if you don’t have the models. Kairic Acolytes on the other hand have gotten their Gestalt Sorcery ability changed into a spell:

Now those Karic Acolytes will help to generate even more Fate Points. Plus, when they have 9 or more models, they also count as Wizards – and yes, any number of Kairic Acolytes can cast this new Spell in the Hero Phase, too. This make them fill a very different role than the other battleline units in the book.

We’re also getting our first looks at the rules for the new Magister of Tzeentch. This new unit has a Disc of Tzeentch for the flying and speed boost it provides. And it’s also going to have access to Bolt of Change:

Hope you enjoy having a new Chaos Spawn pop-up engaged with your unit that just suffered D3 mortal wounds. No roll to see if it’s created, either. Brutal!


The new battletome is slated for Pre-order this weekend. Are you ready to convert…


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