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Games Workshop: New Year Open Day 2020 Predictions

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Jan 02

Games Workshop is hosting a New Year Open Day on Saturday – let’s make some predictions about what will be announced!

It’s the first big Open Day of the year this Saturday and you can be we’re going to be tuning in to cover the latest announcements. For now, we’re just going to have to make some predictions about what will be covered this Saturday while we wait (not so patiently) for the day to arrive.

New Armies For 40k & AoS

On the AoS side of the house, we’ve been getting hints and clues that the Shadow and Light Aelves are going to be “a thing” eventually. GW has planted those seeds all the way back when the Daughter of Khaine book came out and has been continuing to tease those out ever sense. Not that AoS is hurting for more factions with the Disciples of Tzeentch and the Kharadron Overlords both getting updated Battletomes very soon. Really there is just one more book we’d like to see before a new army shows up and that’s Seraphon!

For 40k, we’d like to see a new army show up as well. In the past we’ve gotten Genestealer Cult and Custodes. Last year we got Chaos Knights – but that really wasn’t a “new” army, just Imperial Knights with spikes and chaos rules. We know Sisters are getting the rest of their releases in 2020, too. So it’s a lot of things that will probably get mentioned during the New Years Open Day – but we’d REALLY like to see 40k get some new army to inject something fresh into the game. But if that doesn’t happen we might see…

New Warhammer 40k Edition News

If we don’t see a new 40k army, what are the odds that GW announces a new edition is coming!? Okay, maybe not an entirely new edition – maybe some major, sweeping rules changes? I don’t know for sure, but it seems like the current edition is nearing it’s shelf life in terms of book releases for Codexes. And when that happens, you know GW is waiting to press the reset button somehow.

What about psychic awakening? We still have a couple books to go!” You know, you’re absolutely right. Maybe we WON’T see any new edition news. Maybe GW is going to tease us with news about the next two books in Psychic Awakening. We’re still waiting on quite a few armies to get updates.


New Seraphon Rules

Is this cheating because we mentioned it above? No – it’s just more wishlisting! I’m personally really hoping that the Seraphon get some news about a new battletome. They are basically the last remaining hold-out after Aether War comes out. I’m really hoping that GW has taken some time to attack their old miniatures (Skinks and Saurus) to make them as cool and dynamic as their newer “Big Kits” are. Also, just more options/rules for them would be great. More Sub-factions, relics, etc – they just need a refresh.

Specialist Games New

From the city scapes of Adeptus Titanicus to the skies of Aeronautica and from the cruel pitch of Blood Bowl to the seedy underhive of Necromunda – and everything in between. The Specialist Games division has a lot of stuff they can announce. We’re expecting to get some news about Aeronautica like a new faction. We’re also wondering if we’re going to see more Titan options for Adeptus Titanicus. There will probably be a new Gang or Guild announced for Necromunda as well. And Blood Bowl is constantly adding new teams at the rate of 1 per quarter. Any and all of those things are on the tabletop for a reveal at this Open Day!

More Terrain

We’re hoping to see even more Terrain kits for both 40k and AoS as well. Partly because we’re all busy working on stuff for the BoLS Open terrain, but also because the newer Terrain Kits from GW have all been really great! We are hoping for even more cool structures to fight over and on in 2020 for both 40k and AoS!


Horus Heresy News

It’s a new year and it’s the First Open Day of the year so it seems like a good time to talk about the direction GW is going to take the Horus Heresy, right? Sure it’s a Forge World thing, but c’mon! The Siege of Terra has to be on the mind of everyone who’s invested in the Horus Heresy at this point…Who know what we’ll see!


What are you hoping to see from the New Year Open Day 2020!?

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