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Geekery: ‘Guns Akimbo’ is the Daniel Radcliffe with Gun Hands Movie We Need

Jan 16

When you have residuals from one of the world’s biggest franchises ever, you can do all the weird movies you want. Case in point…


The cast is led by Daniel Radcliffe and includes Ned Dennehy, and Samara Weaving. The story is from Jason Lei Howden, who is also the director. His first full length, Deathgasm, is a bunch of ridiculous fun. I’m expecting more of that with better effects and bigger names with this movie. If you like Happy, The Boys, Mortal Kombat, The Purge, and/or Doom Patrol this may be for you.

Nerdy video game developer is a little too fond of stirring things up on the internet with his caustic, prodding, and antagonizing comments. One night, he makes the mistake of drunkenly dropping an inflammatory barb on a broadcast of Skizm, an illegal death-match fight club streamed live to the public. In response, Riktor, the maniacal mastermind behind the channel, decides to force Miles’ hand (or hands, as it were) and have him join the “fun.” Miles wakes to find heavy pistols bolted into his bones, and learns Nix, the trigger-happy star of Skizm, is his first opponent.

Grab your giant tiger foot slippers and get ready.

Guns Akimbo hits theaters March 5th.

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