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40K: Sister Act 1 – Sisters of Battle Codex Review

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Jan 13

There is a LOT to digest in this book.  Much of the codex is pointed pretty aggressively meaning you can get a lot of it on the table.  Do the t3 frames pack enough punch to hold their own in the meta right now?  That remains to be seen.

Hi everyone.,

Ricky and Paul run down the basics from the Sisters of Battle codex up for pre-order right now.  The dex has been out a few weeks with the limited edition box set that dropped recently.  This week the masses can get their hands on this holy book along with a host of new models.

The Battle Sister starts at 9 points and honestly, for the value I think this is the only kinda maybe in the whole book. Everything else comes in with modest point values, including tanks like the Exorcist.  I don’t mean that things are ‘too cheap.’   I think the point values reflect the low toughness values and die roll dependencies from the army.  I’m saying this untested.  I have not faced or played the new Sisters yet so I really want to know what you guys think.

New models IN PLASTIC is what a ton of people have been waiting on and they have certainly does these models justice.  Each model brings dynamic poses with tons of interesting features.

My favorite so far is the Exorcist.  I like this even better than the Trial of St Katherine.  It looks tough and has rules to match.  Rocking three of these things in year’s past was something people did and you should expect to see it again.


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