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RPG: Travel Through Time To Fight Great Old Ones In Fate Of Cthulhu

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Jan 15

It’s Cthulhu meets the good Terminator movies in a new RPG that sends you to the past–our present–to prevent the apocalyptic rise of the Great Old Ones.

Fate of Cthulhu is a game that folks have been looking forward to for a while. Set in a dark future where the Great Old Ones have risen and cast ripples into the past, where they corrupt and warp the timeline so that the apocalypse becomes all but inevitable, the players in this game are time-travelers and resistance heroes who must take a page out of the X-Files when they were still good and Fight the Future.

Fate of Cthulhu draws on the Mythos but is its own game that runs off of the Fate Core System. So if you’re looking to experience a little more narrative-driven game of aspects and story-combat, then you’ll be right at home here. If you’ve never tried Fate Core, it’s a flexible system that can handle a variety of genres, though if you’re coming to it from more traditional RPGs like Vampire or D&D, you’ll need to readjust your expectations of what a character is. Well worth it for the cool survival horror adventure contained within the game though. Check it out!

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Fate of Cthulhu – $35

The stars are right for Great Cthulhu’s return. It’s up to you to make them wrong again!

The Great Old Ones reach out from the future and into their past—our present—corrupting the timeline such that events and individuals turn towards the apocalyptic and lead to their inevitable rise. A small and battered resistance effort mounted by time-travelers and present-day heroes stand in their way.

You are those one-way travelers from a dark future and their crucial allies from the present day, working together to save the human race from looming apocalypse. Armed with foreknowledge of Judgment Day, you must succeed at a series of vital missions aimed at restoring hope to the future.

Can you defeat the vast unknowable evils of the Great Old Ones before you become a monster yourself? Find out in Fate of Cthulhu!


Fate of Cthulhu is a stand-alone game powered by the Fate Core System. No other books are needed to play. In this game, you’ll find:

  • Corruption mechanics that show how close your heroes are coming to the monsters they fight, and the monstrous abilities they gain!
  • Five detailed example timelines plus rules for running them and making your own.
  • A system for tracking key events leading up to the apocalypse that the players change through their actions and choices during play, including support for ripple effects and time paradoxes.
  • Modifications to stress and concession rules, including support for heroic last stands that sacrifice a character but help turn the timeline towards a better outcome.
  • A rituals and spells system that offers great power at a cost, treating spells as secrets of arcane Elder technology that must be sought out in play.

The apocalypse is coming. It’s time to punch it in the face or die trying in Fate of Cthulhu!

256-page full color hardcover book with free PDF

Good luck, investigators!

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