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Star Wars: X-Wing – Fireball Preview

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Jan 16

If you ain’t first you’re last – at least that what the last pilot of the Fireball told me. Check out the new ship heading to Star Wars: X-Wing!

Sometimes you gotta go fast. And sometimes, going fast isn’t exactly safe. That’s where the Fireball comes in. Get ready to strap yourself into the cockpit of an explosion with wings! The Fireball is heading to a tabletop near you!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Designed for racing rather than combat, the Fireball immediately sets itself apart from the other ships you’ll find in a typical X-Wing squadron. While it is armed with wingtip-mounted laser cannons and missile launchers, these weapons are secondary to the features that give this ship the speed and maneuverability it needs to win races. When they find themselves in a space battle, then, Fireball pilots rely on the breakneck speed and tight turning granted by the SLAM action to give them an advantage against enemy fighters.

Meet The Pilots




This ship is nuts. If you don’t mind the damage, you’ll be pulling off maneuvers no sane pilot would even think about attempting. Stress? This ship is MADE of Stress. Combine all that with the Advanced SLAM upgrade and you’ll be racing across the tabletop with unmatched speed.

And hey, while you’re SLAMing around, why not put a little more pep in your step with some Coaxium Hyperfuel while you’re at it:

Just remember your order of operations with how many times you can use the same action in a turn…

Let’s shift gears and talk about some of the other upgrades you can take. R1-J5 can take the controls as a pilot but can also slide back and function as an astromech too:


And speaking of pilot specials, check out the Title Card for this ship which pairs perfectly with Kaz:

It’s pretty clear that this ship is designed to live in the danger zone where the lines of Damage, Stress, and amazing speed all intersect. With 6 hull, staying out of the firing arc of your opponent’s is going to be your saving grace. But with that much speed, that probably won’t be too much of an issue – as long as you can manage to stay on the board.

If you’re looking for a ship to go REAL fast, the Fireball is a ride you’re going to want to take out for a spin. This expansion pack is due out in the first quarter of 2020!

Fireball Expansion Pack $19.95

A labor of love to the crew of Jarek Yeager’s garage, the Fireball is a highly combustible, scratch-built racing ship. Flown by undercover Resistance operative Kazuda Xiono, this explosion with wings is able to push the limit around the course before living up to its name. Lightly armed but lightning fast, the Fireball can careen around the battlefield, gaining superior position on almost any enemy.

The Fireball Expansion Pack contains everything you need to add one of these swift ships to your Resistance squadrons, including one Fireball miniature, four ship cards, and seven upgrade cards. Additionally, two Quick Build cards help you easily combine pilots and upgrades and get your Fireball to the start line as quickly as possible.



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