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Warhammer 40K: Bring On The Death Company Primaris Dreads

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Jan 9 2020

We have Blood Angels Death Company Primaris Marines – so where the heck are my Death Company Redemptor and Invictor Dreadnoughts?

Now that Blood of Baal has been out for a bit and Primaris Death Company are a *thing* in the new book, we have to ask: How long until we see some Primaris Death Company Dreads? And if you don’t think that it’s going to be a thing (or missed the news about Primaris Marines being Death Company) here’s a quick refresher:

Oh it’s just a block of text and I don’t want to read it” Okay fine. How about some photographic evidence:

Photographic proof!

So yes, Primaris can become Death Company and if that’s the case then you KNOW that the Primaris Marine can be put into Redemptor Dreads…which means we better get some Death Company Primaris Dreadnoughts – but why stop there?

Death Company Redemptor Dreadnought

Here we did a quick color swap. We’re hoping to see it go a little further if GW does decide to do a Death Company Redemptor Kit. You know, something that looks more like its “little” brother:


This could be a great opportunity to add some new weapons to the Redemptor ¬†– like Lightning Claws or a second Powerfist option. The DC Dread also pioneered the Mag-grapple weapon, too. That would be a pretty sweet addition. Whatever the case, we’d assume that GW would want to do more than just a paint swap for a proper Death Company Redemptor Dread.

Death Company Invictor Warsuit

Maybe it’s not a Dreadnought in the traditional sense but c’mon…it’s a Dreadnought. Why can’t we have a Death Company Invictor?! It would be pretty sweet. Again, this could be an opportunity for GW to create a Death Company sprue for this kit. We could see a double-fist version with TWO heavy bolters. Would that be overkill? No such thing for the Death Company dear reader – no such thing!

Bonus: Death Company Reivers

If there was a unit that SHOULD have a Death Company Option, it’s gotta be Reivers, right? I mean it sure seems like they are 90% of the way there already. The face mask/helmets are kind of a dead give away. I mean, I know that Reivers are supposed to be a little bit more subtle before they go all “Terror mode” but c’mon!!! Regular Reivers are just faking that they are scary and terror inducing while actual Death Company ARE. I’m sure a Chaplain can keep them quiet long enough for them to explode with rage all over the enemy ranks. Eh…Maybe in the next edition?



Anyhow, we’re keeping hope alive that we’ll eventually see new Death Company version of some (or ALL) of the Primaris Units. I mean, it’s got to be just a matter of time, right?

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