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Warhammer 40K: Our Favorite Sisters Of Battle Kits

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Jan 08

The Sisters of Battle are getting a full release very soon and with that comes a ton of new kits – these are our favorites!

Last year we saw the vanguard release of the Sisters of Battle. It was a nice cross-section of models and units, but GW was saving the “good stuff” (ie, multipose plastic kits and pretty much all the cool stuff) for this year. Well that release is on the radar and we’ve got favorites! So let’s talk about some of our favorites from the new batch.

Sisters of Battle Squad

Is this cheating? Well, we are digging the brand new kit. Mutlipose plastic Sisters are FINALLY a thing! Plus, we know you can combine these Sisters with the Retributors to get a mix of poses and heavy weapons. That flexibility is great. We also love the redesigned standard sister model, too. We see lots of head options and we also like how they aren’t quite as squat as they used to look.


Sister Junith Eruita


We have given up calling her by her actual title and just call her Dame Judi Dench. This war pulpit is a really cool concept and it’s a model we’re really looking forward to getting our hands on. Plus, we can see folks taking the bits from this kit and making some cool conversions/terrain/other characters. Just sayin, if you get a spare, we’ve got some ideas…


The New Exorcist


Holy crap this one looks intense! We love all the extra additions they made to the Rhino-Chassis to create the new Exorcist model. It’s really a mobile altar for the Sisters now. We didn’t think they could take that Holy-Roman-Gothic look further but Games Workshop has surprised us all!

The New Immolator

Well we couldn’t include one without the other! Both the new and improved tanks of the Sisters of Battle are just too bonkers and impressive NOT to include. We can’t wait for both of these kits to show up in stores!!!

New Arco-Flagellants

This is a unit that we’re excited about for a few reasons. The main reason is that we love the redesign of this entire unit. They don’t look like weird hooded fanatics anymore. Now they look like the prisoners turned into psycho cannon fodder that they are! Their weapons also look more whip-like and less “Doc Ock” compared to the old miniatures. It’s just a really successful redesign and we dig it!


Triumph of Saint Katherine


This kit has us excited because it is another one of those “diorama-as-model” kits that GW has started to create. There is a lot going on with this model and that’s perfect! We love the funeral procession vibe combined with all the crazy rules this one has. It’s going to be a centerpiece model – and it’s basically just all infantry. It’s just a cool concept and we can’t wait to see what hobbyists do with this one.

Sisters Terrain!!!

This new terrain set combines a lot of things we like about the Sisters of Battle and the new style of Terrain kits GW has been making. We are really looking forward to this new piece and not just for the rules. It’s going to be a great addition to your tabletop terrain collection even if you don’t play Sisters of Battle. It’s an awesome looking statue that could easily be the centerpiece objective in a Narrative Game. The wall looks like it’s a rounded chunk from the Sector Imperialis as well. I can totally see this piece showing up all over display boards and on tabletops everywhere. It tells a cool story and that’s why we’re excited about it!


There are LOTS more kits and goodies for the Sisters of Battle coming soon from Games Workshop. What are you most excited for?

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