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Warhammer 40K RUMORS: The Next Astartes

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Jan 13

You all didn’t think all the Astartes love was over did you?  Here’s the latest word from the rumorsphere.

We have had so, so, so many Marines in the last few months. In 3 months we’ve seen the game turned on it’s head with the languishing and lackluster Astartes get a new codex and 6 Supplementals that have propelled them right back up to the top of the meta. 40K is back to being all marines all the time.

I can’t wait to see what the marine percentages will be at LVO later this month. But I can safely say “it’ll be high…very high”.  Well enough of what you all already know. Onto the latest rumors brought to us by industry professionals.

The Rumors

  • Look for the next wave of Astartes on the heels of Psychic Awakening after GW wraps that up.
  • Look for a series of codexes for the standalone chapters: Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Deathwatch, etc…
  • These will be accompanied by another wave of new Primaris kits
  • Timeframe – roughly mid-year


This sounds like a repeat of 2018 to be honest. Not the late year codex part, but the early year Vigilus Shadowspear part.  I’ve already talked about how it would take only a handful of kits to fully round out the Primaris line and make the entire Classic Marine range obsolete. This sounds like GW may plan to use the remaining set of Marine codexes to do just that. It all actually makes a lot of sense. If you plan on making some melee Primaris units what better place to roll them out than alongside Blood Angels and Space Wolves? Looking for new Primaris speeders – hello Dark Angels.  The real question is will GW wrap up a lot of these units in an exclusive early release boxed set like Shadowspear? It would be hard for them to resist.

The second rumor buried in this set is the ending of Psychic Awakening by mid-year. They have been cranking out about 1 book per month, so this gives us roughly 3-6 more books in the series.

~ Have at it. Ready for even MORE marines?


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