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Warhammer 40K: Something Great & Good Coming Soon…and a White Lion

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Jan 03

Games Workshop is teasing something both Great and Good for tomorrow at the New Years Open Day. What, oh what, could it be?

We’ve already seen Shadowsun and Games Workshop are prepping for the New Years Open Day. But their teasers is a pretty big one:

via Warhammer 40,000 Facebook

TOMORROW, we’re bringing you a preview that’s both great and good – join us at 9:30 GMT to make sure you don’t miss it!
Let us know what you’re hoping to see in the comments…

T’au Inbound!

It’s not exactly subtle. With the title being what it is and the symbol being, ya know, T’au. It is pretty clear they are going to make an appearance tomorrow at the show. Also, based on that title and the timing, it’s a pretty safe bet this will have something to do with the fifth chapter in Psychic Awakening:

We had a pretty good idea that “The Greater Good” would involve the T’au. The question now is: “Who will they be pitted against?”


There are still quite a few options left of armies that haven’t gotten rules. Furthermore, the T’au are a very interesting case for an event called Psychic Awakening considering they aren’t psychic. Could this new chapter open them up to the great world of Psychics? Are we about to see the T’au literally become Psychically Awakened? That would be a pretty massive shift for their army, wouldn’t it?! Plus GW said this event would shake up the game and that would certainly be a way to do just that.

Perhaps we’ll get some more follow-up about their ill fated Forth Sphere Expansion. That was the T’au’s big exposure to the Warp and that could be a really cool thread for GW to tug on in the future.

Anyhow – the doors are wide open for those remaining armies. Saga of the Beast probably takes Space Wolves and Orks off the list, but other than that – who could it be? If GW does follow-up with the Fourth Sphere we could even seen the T’au have to deal with Daemons of the Warp. Or maybe a Genestealer Cult rises up within the T’au? Or are we going to see a pairing up with the Necrons? Perhaps Imperial Knights or Ad Mech? GW has some options and I’m sure we’ll have an answer by tomorrow!

I’m not so secretly rooting for Chaos T’au. Evil Twins from the mirror dimension!


This picture is doing the rounds just about everywhere…  This is clearly the source of the earlier image of Shadowsun, but look what else in in there!

  • Sororitas Mortifier (probably)
  • Is that a White Lion!!!! (it’s not. It’s a Frost Saber)


Something Great. Something Good. Coming Soon From Games Workshop!

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