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Warhammer Fantasy RETRO: What the Old World Used to Look Like

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Jan 08

Today we look back through the glorious retro battle scenes that inspired gamers 30 years ago. Come see battle scenes from the glory days of Warhammer Fantasy.

If there is one thing that gets a gamers blood pumping – it’s a good battle scene. Lovingly set up and photographed, with the best-painted minis – it only takes a few seconds to capture a gamer’s heart and get that next army started. Today we live in Age of Sigmar’s Mortal Realms but let’s go back to the 1980s and 90s and remember what Warhammer Fantasy looked like all those decades ago.

Many of these images come from ancient White Dwarfs from the 1990s. Back when Old World was foreboding and bright primary colors were the style of the day.

Welcome to REALLY old Warhammer Fantasy from the late 1980s. These early shots still used the skirmishy-vibe and often didn’t even bother showing models in units on square bases.

Bretonnians vs Orks and Goblins. There are a lot of really early teensy metal minis in here but take a look at those buildings and all the handpainted banners. It’s mostly metal minis at this time.

A classic Empire vs Dwarfs matchup. Take a look at the fine pedigree these two armies have.  Pretty much Warhammer royalty right there.

BRING OUT YER DEAD!  Here come the Undead Horde, and look some early Wood Elves alongside the humans.

Hello tiny metal Steam Tank… and friends.  Ah, the nostalgia of The Empire.


High Elves vs Gobbos. Look at all the bright colors! The Squigs, the Wyvern, the paper punch-out buildings.

Orks vs Dwarfs. Anyone still have the that metal Giant lying around? He was the big bad of WFB for a long, long time. Also look at those Trolls.

Dwarf civil war!  This is the one you came here for. Look at all that insane Dwarf and Chaos Dwarf machinery. Also LOVE all the banners.

Tour the Empire, visit Sylvania, stay a while…

The dread pirates of Naggaroth assault the Empire. Just look at that soaring tower!

The Warriors of Chaos face off with a host of Ulthuan. Can that Chaos army be any brighter!  My eyes!

In the deep parts of the world the nefarious Ratmen lie in wait. Even the Chaos Dwarfs must beware.



I can hardly wait for The Old World to return.

~If you could go back in time and collect one of these armies- which would it be?

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