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Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave Gets A New Warband

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Jan 04

Get ready for another warband to challenge you in Beastgrave. Hrothgron’s Mantrappers are coming to Beastgrave and they are looking mighty mean!

Then again, most of the models in Warhammer Underworlds are more than a few degrees from friendly looking. Horthborn’s Mantrappers are the first Ogor/Gnobblar team-up we’ve seen for Beastgrave. Plus there is a Frost Saber! Never turn your back on the Frost Saber…

Hrothgron’s Mantrappers

While some of us were hoping that was a White Lion, it’s still pretty darn cool that the Ogors and Gnoblars of the Mawtribes are getting a Warband for Underworlds. This is also another one of those asymmetrical-looking Warbands where you’re clearly going to have your heavy hitters and then your…not so heavy hitters. I’m personally very curious to see how Games Workshop has balanced the little guys interactions with the power house(s) in this Warband. They have come up with lots of interesting mechanics in the past so we’ll see how this crew interacts.

Whatever the case, I’m sure that this Warband is going to come hungry for glory…and you know, just hungry in general.


Ogor Mawtribes – represent!


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