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40K & AoS – 2020 Q1-2 Schedule & Rumor Roundup

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Feb 20 2020

There’s a LOT of 40K and Age of Sigmar stuff coming down the pipe in the next few months. Let’s put it all together:

Ok gang, we have some key dates to lay down and then drop in all the announced and rumored releases heading our way.

Key Dates

Adepticon  – (March) The next big teaser seminar will be here.

GW Open Day – (May) Traditionally a teaser seminar and early releases of key products occurs here

Traditional GW Summer New Edition Window: (Late June – Early July) This the timeframe that recent editions of 40K and Age of Sigmar were released.

Official Teasers via GW

Note: Traditionally products revealed as teaser seminars are released within 3 months. Products being described on WH Community are released within 1 month. In theory all of these should be out by end of April.

Lumineth Realm Lords – WH Community reveals have already begun


Ghaz – WH Community reveals have already begun

Seraphon Battletome

Seraphon Ziggurat

Psychic Awakening – Saga of the Beast

Psychic Awakening – Engine War

Aeronautica IG & Tau Boxed Set

Blackstone Fortress Zoat




Psychic Awakening “War of Spider” (Q2)

Plastic Necron Character in “War of Spider” (Q2)

Unknown Adeptus Custodes Book (Q2)

New Primaris Marine Wave (Q2-3)

New Marine Codexes for BA/SW/DA to accompany new Primaris minis (Q2-3)

Sons of Behemat Battletome

Codex Traitor Guard in 2020


40K 9th Edition Rumors have been continual since Q4 of last year

~We are kicking off into what looks like a busy, busy, busy 2020. What are you most anticipating?


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