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Age of Sigmar: 6 New Heroes, But Who’s the Best?

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Feb 19 2020

This week we get 6 new heroes for the Mortal Realms, but who’s the best of the best? Let’s find out.

The limited characters are now available solo for preorder, and they are all fairly powerful, but as with all things, some are a little stronger than others. Here’s my ranking of the six “new” heroes based on their personal power level and interaction with their allegiance. Note that this is just a personal opinion, and I might miss some key strategies that change power levels.

#6) Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig

Own his own, this guy isn’t much, but he can buff friendly Squig models and make them REALLY fast, and if you need something dead then once per battle you can throw back some shrooms and buff himself. He isn’t bad, but he doesn’t really do anything exceptional either, which is why he ranks at the bottom. Of course, at the head of a horde of squigs he can be a threat, but he’s a little situational for my liking.


#5) Warlock Bombardier

Ah the sweet, sweet exploding rat wizard, complete with giant missile launcher. Like Vokmortian, when he goes off he goes OFF, and he can boost the power of his cannon for a risk, but he also suffers from extreme squish, and will likely nuke himself as soon as get killed by enemy fire. However, he can buff your warmachines, and with the addition of Warpstone Sparks he can make himself pretty effective, so just…don’t get too attached.

#4) Vokmortian

This bone daddy is a pretty rad spellcaster and debuff engine, with the ability to stop an enemy from attacking or even delete a nearby hero. Unfortunately he has to get really close to do that, and knowing what he can do is going to mean he’s going to get focused down fast. A glass cannon is still a cannon, however, and if this guy fires off he could delete Archaon in a single turn, so he’s worth the risk. Just don’t leave him out on his own.


#3) Arch-Revenant

Design-wise, this model is my absolute favorite, as a fan of fae critters, tree spirits, and spears. Thankfully, it’s also a massive threat on the battlefield, with a high Fly move and some 2 damage attacks, a command trait to make a nearby unit scarier in the combat phase, and the ability to buff either its saves or attacks every combat. It also buffs nearby Kurnoth Hunters, which is great if you’ve bunkered it in some Greatbow hunters. If it runs in with a bunch of sword Hunters, though, it will almost certainly delete whatever you point them at.

#2) Ogre Tyrant

When it comes to raw power, this guy stands a head above the rest (though considering he’s an ogre he probably does that anyway). He has a high number of multi-damage attacks in the combat phase, more so if he hits a Monster, a pair of pistols for the shooting phase, and his Mace can dish out mortal wounds. He can take a Big Name, making him even stronger and more equipped to face whatever he might have to, and he can make a unit of Ogors nearby immune to battleshock for the entire battle. The only reason he falls behind the Archregent on my list is his lack of magical skill, but he more than makes up for it with combat strength.

#1) Abhorrant Archregent

Powerful fighter, solid commander, and level 2 wizard, this hero has it all. The Flesh-Eater Courts are already incredibly powerful when they’re near their heroes, and this guy is a level above. He can summon new units (even a hero), heals 3 wounds every turn, and has a powerful signature spell. All of this sets him apart from the rest, making him the full hero package.

Which of the heroes is your favorite?


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