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Age of Sigmar: White Dwarf 451 Has Rules You Can Use

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Feb 20 2020

The new White Dwarf for this month has some new rules for AoS & Warcry Players. Be sure to get a copy if you play Orruks or Fyreslayers!

Earlier this week we covered the rules leaks from the White Dwarf for the Ironjaw Orruks Ironsunz clan. It’s a set of new Warscroll Battalions you can run in your games of Age of Sigmar. These are courtesy of The Tome Celestial article:

via Warhammer Community

You’ve got to respect anyone who turns up to battle wearing bright yellow armour – especially when he’s a 400lb Orruk who loves nothing more than dishing out a good ol’-fashioned krumpin’! Da Ironsunz are well known for being some of the ’ardest Ironjawz around, and by reading this month’s instalment of the Tome Celestial, you’ll find out exactly why. If you want to use them on the battlefield too, you’re in luck, as you’ll find no fewer than three warscroll battalions (and their points values) to help you crack some heads like a true Ironsun.

But that’s not all – the Fyreslayers are also joining the fight in Warcry as well.

Well, if you’re a Fyreslayer, then you’re pretty much living the dream! That’s right, the Fyreslayers are about to make their Warcry debut, and all the rules you need can be found in this issue, including 10 fighter cards with which to create the ultimate warband of treasure-seeking duardin.


That’s right – it’s 10 new Fighter Cards along with all the special runes and rules you’ll need to field the Fyreslayers in your games of Warcry! I can’t think of a better band of Ur-Gold hunting, monster-slaying mad men than the Fyreslayers. I’m sure they are going to fit right in.

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White Dwarf 451 $9


White Dwarf 451 – in stores this weekend!

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