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Crisis Protocol: Know Your Enemy – Vision

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Feb 27 2020

Vision has entered the Crisis Protocol universe and brings some never before seen defense tech! How can we take down this Synthezoid Avenger?

What can you expect when facing off against Vision? Take a look at his cards and we’ll dive right in!

Both healthy and injured sides are the same

Rapid Phasing

If you haven’t read the cards yet, the first thing that will jump out at you is the 2 Physical(red) and 2 Energy(yellow) defense. On a 4 cost character that would be incredibly fragile – if not for Visions Phasing ability.

With Phasing Vision can switch between being a 5 defense in either Physical or Energy – which is an excellent defense value. The Rapid Phase superpower will let Vision spend 2 power and switch between them when attacked, letting Vision always be in the correct form depending on the attack. This can feel daunting to face down – similar to attacking Captain America with his Vibranium Shield.

Getting Around The Phase

The dream would be to catch Vision with no power and then hit him while he’s only got 2 defense – so keep your eyes open for that possibility. But you also can’t afford to let him run wild while you wait for that perfect opportunity, so here are some tips when attacking Vision.

  • Rotate between Physical and Energy attack types to force Vision to keep using Rapid Phase
  • Getting Stun on Vision to stunt power generate will make it much harder to use Rapid Phase. It will also affect Synthesis making it much less effective.
  • Using a superpower isn’t an attack, so Rapid Phase can’t trigger. This means that if Vision is in Enhanced Density form he can be thrown like normal for some extra damage.
  • Sometimes you just gotta go for it! There is a mental barrier that forms when your opponent gets to adapt to your attack and add defense dice. It can feel like the wrong play…but as you may know from playing against Captain America and his 6 defense, sometimes you just gotta roll those big attacks.

If you can’t prevent the Phase and really need to deal damage to Vision – you could look to a Mystic (blue) attack. Hela with her potential for a 9 dice attack comes to mind. While a Mystic defense of 4 is nothing to scoff at, at least it isn’t 5!

The Trickster

I’ve got to take a second and mention Loki, another new release, who brings an interesting ability that can really mess with Vision.


Forcing Vision to pay an extra power for Rapid Phase is a big deal. This will open up a lot more potential for you to attack Vision at defense 2, either because Vision doesn’t have enough power to shift or simply decided to save the power.

He’s Coming Right at Us!

At a glance, Vision resembles other ranged characters, like Iron Man or Red Skull, who you may expect to stay back and shoot into the central fray. But the combination of the Solar Energy Beam attack and Phasing for extra defense makes Vision an excellent front-line model. Being in the thick of it lets Vision easily get multiple models under the range 4 beam(You can brush up on Beam Attacks here). This, in turn, gives him a ton of power to be able to Rapid Phase as needed.

Wrap Up

Vision is a formidable foe who you shouldn’t be surprised to see right in the middle of the action trying to catch as many of your models in his Beam as possible. Plan accordingly so you can try and take him out when the opportunity arises. Either by rotating physical/energy attacks, draining his power, or having a heavy hitter or two nearby to get through his high defense.

How have your games with or against Vision gone? What do you think of the newest Avenger?

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