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D&D BREAKING: New Book Leaked – Mythic Odysseys Of Theros

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Feb 28 2020

An accidental leak from Penguin Random House revealed an unexpected new D&D/M:tG crossover book in May: Mythic Odysseys of Theros.

The next campaign setting and adventure book has accidentally been leaked by Penguin Random House’s website. The post has since been removed, though you can still view it via the webarchive or Google Cache and see for yourself. The big May release is another D&D/Magic: The Gathering Crossover, much like Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, though this one features the Greek-mythology inspired world of Theros, which follows up the recent Magic: the Gathering release of Theros: Beyond Death for the card game.

On the front you can see a hero in bronze greaves striking at a Hydra with a spear in a scene right out of Theros. This isn’t the first time that D&D has dipped its toes into Greek Mythology, nor, I suspect is it its last. Most recently, James Ohlen, former lead at BioWare and now the head of WotC’s own Archetype Entertainment released Odyssey of the Dragonlords, which also uses Greek myth as inspiration for its new take on epic destinies.

What is Theros? Here’s the rundown from MtG Wiki:

“Theros is a plane governed by the gods of Nyx, where heroes face monsters, the sea rages, people offer burnt offerings and adventures take place. It is defined by mankind’s struggle against the primal forces of the world, and mankind’s conflict with the many other sapient races that populate the world.

In ancient times, the archons of Theros held a massive empire, tyrannizing the world in the belief that they were imposing a strict justice. The most notable of these Archon tyrants was Agnomakhos, who used the leonin as an army. Eventually, the Archon empire fell, being instead replaced by the poleis, and the remaining Archons now lash at these, slighting the “honor” they feel was stripped from them.”

Folks familiar with the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica will recall that the book contained new races and spells meant to hook players into playing in the guild-filled world. With all the recent Unearthed Arcana we’ve been seeing, might this be a place to fit the new subclasses?


Subclasses like the College of Eloquence with its emphasis on debate, rhetoric, and oratory feel like they’d be at home in a world inspired by Hellenistic Greece.

The Twilight Domain cleric fits in with Theros nocturnal magic themes.

The Oath of Heroism is already incredibly Greek.

And looking at the Returned out of Theros is a great fit for the Revived Rogue. Again, there’s no guarantee these will be in there, but it’s not out of the ballpark for them to be included. If not, there’s still a big November release awaiting. So keep those fingers crossed, and look for an official announcement to come sooner, rather than later.

What do you think of the new setting? Let us know in the comments, and Happy Adventuring!

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