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Goatboy’s 40K – Meet the Grey Knights Paladin Bomb

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Feb 06

Goatboy here again and the new Grey Knight rules seem pretty decent.  I am wondering if we could make a Paladin Bomb list work?

This of course means we need to have a squad of Paladins, enough CP to do stuff, and then the extra Characters needed to get it to work.  Lord do some of these Grey Knight characters cost a lot.  So with that – let’s get to building.

I get the feeling the updated Chaplains could help a lot with this army.  There are 3 sets of rules that seem good and with the added on new powers from the Dominus powers you could make the case to have a really rough central unit.  Plus with the Astral Aim power you got something nutty.  So why not just go full bonkers with this idea.

Paladins From SPACE!

Grey Knight Supreme Command – The Holy Choir of Skull Bros – +1CP

Chaplain – Prayer – Invocation of Focus – 107pts
Chaplain – Prayer – Intonement for Guidance – 107pts
Chaplain – Prayer – Recitation of Projection- 107pts
Lord Draigo – 180pts
Librarian – Sanctic Shard, Warding Stave – 101pts

Grey Knight Battalion +5CP
Grandmaster Voldus – 153pts
Grandmaster in Nemesis Dreadknight – Gatling Psilencer, Personal Teleporter, Dreadfist X 2, Warlord – First to the Fray – 195pts
Brotherhood Champion – 90pts

Paladins X 10, Psilencer X 4, Warding Staves X 8, Daemon Hammer X 2- 472pts
Paladin Ancient – Psilencer – 104pts
Apothecary, Warding Stave – 76pts


Strike Squad X 5, Psilencer – 86pts
Strike Squad X 5, Psilencer – 86pts
Strike Squad X 5, Psilencer – 86pts

1950pts 9CP

Tactics of Titan

The idea here is to get Psilencers to get very deadly with some prayers and other fun options. You increase their range, AP, and even shoot without seeing anyone.  Reroll’s to hit and maybe some other fun powers and you got a little brick of annoyance as they move up the field and cause some problems. Throw out a Teleport, deep strike in the Warlord, and you got some rough smashers coming in.  Will this work?  Who knows but it feels like one of those old 5th edition lists when Grey Knights were high in fashion.  Start the turn, pray to the Emperor, and get to smashing your opponents.  Control the Tides, stay protected, and remember all your dang rules to get this army to actually work.

Plus – its basically all Hero Hammer with some cool looking terminators I am sure you have somewhere.  I expect the majority of upcoming Grey Knight armies to have 2 Battalions but I thought using the new Chaplain rules would be cool as heck with this new army build.

~ For the Emperor!

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