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Next Week’s 40K Custodes & Sisters Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

Feb 17 2020

We are headed into February with a roundup of the GW weekly releases headed your way this weekend.

This week Custodes, Sisters of Silence and a whole lot of Black Library are headed your way.

Warhammer 40,000

Talons of the Emperor: Valerian and Aleya $50 (splash release)

Black Library

Siege of Terra: The First Wall (hardback) $30

13th Legion – 20th Anniversary Ed. (hardback) $30

Watcher’s Throne – The Regent’s Shadow (hardback) $27

Age of Sigmar: Oaths & Conquests (hardback) $27

Kal Jerico: Sinners Bounty (hardback) $27

Helsreach (paperback) $16

Iron Company (paperback) $9.99

~What are you picking up? 

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