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Star Wars Legion Has a Ton Of New Units Coming

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Feb 14 2020

Let’s take a look at some of the new units coming for Star Wars Legion.

Though FFG has completed work on two of it’s Star Wars games, Destiny and Imperial Assault, their commitment to Legion remains clear with a large number of new units being announced. This is on the back of a large release that just came out. These new units aim at quickly fleshing out the Separatist and Republic factions, which is an awesome move. Let’s take a look at the upcoming units.

The Saber Tank

Aww yeah. The Saber Tank is a unit I’ve been asking for since the Clone Wars factions were first announced, so I’m stoked to see it coming to the game. At base the Saber is a fast medium tank. While It doesn’t carry quite the stock firepower of some other tanks it makes up for that with maneuverability, speed, and the Outmaneuver rule, which look placed to make it a more survivable tank than most. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of a dodgy tank. Now don’t be fooled either, with the right equipment this tank can pack a punch. With beam cannon turret you can put out 4 attacks a turn, or take armor-piercing shells to become the ultimate tank hunter, allowing for nine dice impact 5 attack.

AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank

The AAT is another tank we wanted and pretty much knew was coming from the get-go. This is the CIS counter to the Saber tank and they share some similarities as they are both hover tanks. The AAT is slower than the Saber and lacks the ability to dodge attacks. On the other hand, it’s got better base firepower, with a basic loadout that throw out more and better dice than the Saber. Having a turret also makes up some for the lower mobility. Barrage also allows the tank to fire twice if it only uses one gun, allowing some tricks there, especially when combined with Lok Durd for some extra suppression. Overall the AAT’s upgrades are less exciting, but its stock model is better.

ARC Troopers

Heck yeah. While ARC Troopers aren’t a surprise, they are welcome. ARC’s are the elite of the Clone Army and get to undertake all the fun specialist missions. They’ve got cool gear, and hearkening back to their quasi-Mandalorian  origins they can fly around with jet packs.  ARCs are the GAR version of Rebel Commandos or Scout troopers and look to be able to be fielded in similar 5 or 2 man teams. Two-man sniper strike teams are a big player in the game, so I’d expect to see a lot of ARCS out there.

BX Droid Commandos 

The BXs are the CIS answer to ARC troops. While not as cool, or generally as deadly, they still have a style of their own, and shouldn’t be underestimated. Unlike most droid units which are a little rigid in their roles, the BXs are flexible. They can either be run as infiltration units with basic blasters, or can carry deflector shields for added protection, or vibroswords to turn them into an assault unit. Like other elite units they seem to come in the 5 or 2 man squads, and appear to also be able to take a sniper weapon. Again I’d expect two-man sniper teams to be very popular, but it’s interesting to see the elite shooting and assault unit be combined into one. Also, man those deflector shield models look rad.


Padmé Amidala is one of the central figures of the Clone Wars so it’s no surprise that she’s coming to Legion. Padme has been announced as an operative. Given that she’s not a particularly powerful combatant it’s likely she’ll act as a support character, with some buffs and tricks, backed up by a few well-placed blaster shots. Her model comes with a fair amount of options and Padme, along with all the amazing new models, really show off how far the game has come.


Cad Bane

Cad Bane is one of the coolest bounty hunters out there. Bane dresses like a perfect space cowboy, and has some real style. This Duros specializes in hunting Jedi and has some formidable weapons at this disposal. Due to the Clone Wars show he has become a fan favorite and is pretty much the Boba Fett of the Clone Wars Era (outshining both Jango Fett and actual Clone Wars Era Boba Fett). On the tabletop, I’d expect him to be more of a combat-focused operative than Padme, with some deadly weapons. He looks like he’s going to be geared towards taking out enemy characters, which makes a lot of sense. This is a guy I’m really looking forward to.

Let us know which units you are looking forward to, down in the comments! 

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