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Warhammer 40K: Made To Order Valhallans And Yarrick Next Week!

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Feb 16 2020

Next week, a classic Imperial Guard regiment returns once more–but only for a week. As well as a legendary Commissar who holds himself on a higher standard.

It’s an Imperial Guard extravaganza this next week, as a bunch of classic IG Infantry return for a week as made-to-order minis. You know the drill by now, these miniatures are a blast from the past and they can be present in your future if you pre-order them next week. You’ll only have a week to do so before they vanish back into the mists of history or wherever it is that GW stores their old molds. Let’s take a look at who’s up next week!

via Warhammer Community

This regiment is sure to get an icy reception, just the way they like it. The frost-flocked warriors of the Valhallans return once more for a week. And they’re returning in force–you could theoretically field a whole army (if not a couple of strong detachments) with the models listed here. Whether it’s the normal 10-model Ice Warrior Squad, or a Special Weapon set:

Or one of four different heavy weapon teams, including missile launcher

An autocannon


A heavy bolter,

And a mortar.

The ice and snow aren’t the only things making a comeback this weekend though. The Valhallans might have a reputation for taking heavy casualties and soldiering on, but even the most disciplined troops still need a leader, otherwise it’s all motor pool gambling and M*A*S*H-esque hijinks.


Fortunately you’ll also be able to pick up Kubrik “Stanley” Chenkov and a Valhallan commander here to keep everyone in line.

Are you going all in on Valhallans? Pick up a Platoon, which comes with Chenkox, two 10-man squads, and three autocannon teams.

But, there’s one final release coming next week: Commissar Yarick Classic is back, complete with power claw and bony bolt gun.

What will you pick up?

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