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40K Mystery: Who are the 3 Narrators in Saga of the Beast?

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Mar 23 2020
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Saga of the Beast has some interesting narrators that appear to be leading up to something big. Can you figure out who they are?

Psychic Awakening has been doing a lot of set up but not a lot of story big narrative story advancement. Nothing like the galaxy shaking events of 7th Editions’ Rise of the Primarch did. But as we reach book 6, it’s starting to feel like it’s building to a conclusion.

The book mainly deals with Ragnar and Ghaz punching each other to death (really)… then both being dragged into their corners, patched up, only to head out and start swinging again.  But as in all the Psychic Awakening books there’s these two pages in the middle that are filled with puzzle pieces and clues dangled in front of us.

The Mystery Narrators

Saga of the Beast has a bunch of these ranging from official Imperial transmissions, to first person messages and thoughts. Some of these use a handwritten script font to denote the personal nature of them. Some are written by mere citizens, while others are from some of the most important characters in the Grimdark. Many of these foreshadow events that take place in later books in the series. Today I want to share three of these that are uncredited to see who you think they are and what they portend for the future.

Narrator 1

OK, this person respects the Emperor, or at least his works. Is obsessed with perfection and sees themselves as the instrument for achieving this goal. Arrogant and self confident. They see the galaxy as being in decline from its previous heights.  To me this has to be someone old, probably from the Heresy. I’d say Slaanesh or Emperor’s Children to be more exact, with the emphasis on perfection. I’d say the obvious choice is Fabius Bile, but the less obvious could be Fulgrim himself.

Narrator 2

This one really has me scratching my head. The narrator is ON Barbarus (Mortarion’s Homeworld), and commenting on the Death Guard degenerating into beasts, due to “bitter teaching of an ungrateful Son” and the Eye. So that would be a reference to either Mortation, or Horus.  The narrator is incensed at such a twisting of the Emperor’s vision. He intends to kill these Death Guard personally with his spear.  Ok, so who would be able to view the Death Guard with such a “long lens”, as well as being able to step foot on Barbarus itself and hunt Death Guard with a spear? The obvious choice is either a Custodes, or a Deathwatch Watchmaster. But the long term view seems like we are talking bout someone who is also old and so powerful they have no fear of treading in such a place or hunting Death Guard. Long shot choices could be Constantin Valdor (who vanished without a trace), or some Primarch who uses a spear (like Leman Russ). This one has me running in circles…


Narrator 3

This one is easier than Narrator 2 but still uncertain. this Person HATES Ghaz and has been in pursuit for some time. They have personally seen the devastation Ghaz can inflict and will never stop until they destroy him. I had first thought – Ragnar – DUH!  Then I noticed where that message came from… a Retribution-Class Battleship. Imperial Navy issue and not a Marine ship.  So that has me thinking that we just got a book on Ghaz, so maybe, just maybe Sebastian Yarrick is hot on his heels and soon to show up!?

~Who do you think they are and what is GW setting up?

Author: Larry Vela
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