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40K: Saga of the Beast Review – FTN

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Mar 23 2020

We lead off our review with the biggest and greenest thing in the Galaxy.  The second part of the show we spend a lot of time talking about how degenerate Ragnar Blackmane is.

We lead off with the biggest and greenest thing in the Galaxy.  The Orks get a TON of help from this book with endless new things to try.  The second part of the show we spend a lot of time talking about how degenerate Ragnar Blackmane is.  He does everything and does it well.  We close the show with a word about our community.


Hi all,

Wowzer.  Ghaz is back with a brand new mission.  We talk about how the Orks basically get a huge pump of life back into their codex. There is some love and joy for almost every unit in the book.  We are impressed.  Just about every army will need to consider taking Ghaz and Makari and every opponent will need a plan to deal with them.

In the second part of the show we run down a lot of really powerful things you can accomplish with Rangar.  He is a total beat stick and force multiplier.  He’s aggressively pointed to say the least.  If you play Space Wolves he is an auto include.

Please please please check out the new Forge The Narrative objective markers. These things look awesome. Ordering a set is a good way to support one of our sponsors AND the show. Find them here.

The two new character models are gorgeous.  Even if you don’t feel like they need to be in your list you are certainly going to want them in your collection.


We close the show out talking about the community.  While it would mean a lot to us at the show if you directly support our sponsors we think it is also especially important to support the shops in your back yard.   If you have the means to do it, please consider it.  Thank you.

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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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