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Arkham Horror: The Card Game – New Investigator Packs Announced

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Mar 24 2020

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is getting a new type of product – Investigator Packs are coming soon!

If you’re a newer player to Arkham Horror: The Card Game and are looking for a great way to dive in, Fantasy Flight Games has some brand new Investigator packs coming soon. These will get you started with new investigators and pre-built decks so you can get started without having to collect everything printed so far.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Each Investigator Starter Deck includes a fully pre-built and ready-to-play 34-card investigator deck, as well as 26 additional cards that can be used to upgrade your deck as you play through a campaign. Perhaps you’re entirely new to the game—if your friend has a Arkham Horror: The Card Game collection, no longer do you need to buy your own Core Set or build your own deck to join in a campaign. You can simply pick out your favorite Investigator Starter Deck and start playing immediately.

Veteran players – don’t worry. There are plenty of reasons to get these packs for yourselves. For starters all 5 of them are new to Arkham Horror: Card Game and 3 of them are COMPLETELY new to the Arkham Horror Files universe. Furthermore, many of these decks will contain player cards that are completely new to the game, too. For vets and new players, you’ll be able to grow a collection of great player cards rapidly with these packs.

Nathaniel Cho


A new face to Arkham Horror, Nathaniel Cho is a Boxer by trade. He’s going to put his skills in the ring to good use facing off against the creatures and horrors in Arkham. His deck has a few preview cards that are also new to the game:


Harvey Walters


Harvey Walters makes his first appearance in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Long time fans of the AHF universe might remember him from the board game. Just don’t get him confused with Norman Withers – although they do share more than a few traits. While it does appear that Professor Walters has quite a few existing cards, he’s also got some new tricks up his well educated sleeves:

Furthermore, his deck also contains a few upgrades to existing cards like Mind Over Matter:

Winifred Habbamock



Another new face to the series, Winifred Habbamock also boasts one of the longest names! As a Rogue-type she is quite nimble with her kit. And as you can see she’s going to come loaded with a bunch of new cards for players to use as well. She’s even got a new Rogue version of Manual Dexterity!

Jacqueline Fine


Another familiar face, Jacqueline Fine is welcome sight. She’s got one of the best ways to manipulate the Chaos bag. I can’t wait to see how this Investigator interacts with some of the other Mystic cards out there. Speaking of which, she’s got some other new cards she can bring to the table, plus she’s got an upgrade to Recharge to boot!

Stella Clark



Stella Clark is the final Investigator preview and she’s a new character to the game and the series as well. As “The Letter Carrier” she’s seen a lot on the streets of Arkham. Being a survivor, Stella can also take those setbacks and failure and turn them around into victories. Her kit is setup to help you push past those “losses” and turn them into wins.


These products are slated for release in the third quarter of 2020. Each pack will cost $14.95.

Harvey Walters Investigator Starter Deck

Jacqueline Fine Investigator Starter Deck

Nathaniel Cho Investigator Starter Deck

Winifred Habbamock Investigator Starter Deck

Stella Clark Investigator Starter Deck


Welcome to Arkham…Welcome to the Mythos!

Author: Adam Harrison
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