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Frosthaven Kickstarter Is Live & On Fire

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Mar 31 2020

The highly anticipated follow-up/expansion/upgrade to Gloomhaven is on Kickstarter and it’s blowing-up! Frosthaven is taking pledges.

If you played and enjoyed Gloomhaven from Cephalofair Games then you’re going to want to dive into this next offering. Frosthaven is the follow-up and it’s going bonkers on Kickstarter.

As of writing, it’s Day 1 and this Kickstarter is already over 450% funded – and growing. If you’re a fan, you know why! If you’re not here’s a bit more.

Frosthaven is a stand-alone campaign and expansion which is great for new players. But if you’re a veteran and have pre-existing characters you can totally use them in the in game/campaign. And you can take the new characters and port them back to the other Gloomhaven campaigns, too!

So what is Frosthaven? What about Gloomhaven? Basically it’s an RPG-lite Board Game with some really cool mechanics built in. It RPG-lite in the sense that it uses a deck building system combined with experience and loot to upgrade your character. There are player choices that happen as you’re playing in between missions, but then the actual missions are all very well designed using a tile-system and AI combat deck.

It you could take Descent/Star Wars: Imperial Assault, add in some deckbuilding and a more indepth experience system, plus a pretty robust AI deck system, you’d be close to what Gloomhaven/Frosthaven is. If you’ve ever wanted to play D&D and do Dungeon Crawls without a DM, you should give this game a shot.


Gloomhaven was a pretty big game. Frosthaven looks to be on par with it as well. It does take place in a new area and it builds upon the core of Gloomhaven (and looks to borrow a bit from Founders of Gloomhaven with building management, too).


Frosthaven adds some new complexity with the seasons, buildings, and puzzles as well. It also adds a new cast of characters to the world.




Frosthaven looks like a fantastic follow-up to Gloomhaven and you can join in the Kickstarter now!

Frosthaven Kickstarter


Yeah, this is going to be a massive hit.


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