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Geekery: Stuck Inside Streaming Recommendations – Horror Movie Edition

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Mar 23 2020
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Self isolating? Social distancing? Stuck at your house or apartment? Need something to fill the silence while you work from home? Here are some scary movies available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon right now to keep you entertained. Feel free to add your recommendations and where folks can find them in the comments!

Action Movie List


  • The Wicker Man – The original 1973 folk horror musical.
  • The VVitch – Robert Eggers’ take on pilgrims, curses, and goats.
  • Rosemary’s Baby – This 1960s horror masterpiece ratchets up the paranoia.
  • Train to Busan – Bloody, violent fight against waves of zombies on a train.


  • The Ritual – Don’t go out in the Swedish wilderness. Just don’t.
  • Scream 1, 23, & 4 – Wes Craven’s classic 90s slashers.
  • ApostleGore. Lots and lots of gore. And there’s a cult.
  • Under the Skin – Eating humans… in a weird way.
  • Candyman – The curse begins. Also: bees, so many bees.
  • Event Horizon – If you haven’t watched it this year, now is the time.
  • The InvitationWhen dinner parties go wrong.




Amazon Prime

Amazon has an amazing collection of classic, retro, and cult horror available – going all the way back to the silents. Here’s a place to start. There’s also the whole of the 1980s to watch.



Author: Mars Garrett
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