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GMM Studios: Adeptus Titanicus Legion Astraman Of House Griffith

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Mar 29 2020

GMM Studios is back with an Adeptus Titanicus army that’s worthy of the finest of Princeps. The models are tiny, but the skill involved is huge.

Hello BoLS readers!

Back again, this time with something pretty different, at least in scale – Adeptus Titanicus!  In case anyone is unfamiliar with the size of these, the Knights in front are about a Terminator, and the middle ones, a Dreadnought.  Tiny stuff, but a lot going on.  I’ve painted all of these in their full scale and I have to say the detail is really remarkable.  It’s a testament to the effort put in to recreating the larger Titans that the process for painting these was overall the same, and felt the same, as the big guys.

The schemes are Legion Astraman and House Griffith.  The client was really sold on, and loves Griffith, so that part was easy.  The complicated part was finding something he enjoyed that was complimentary on several levels to that House.  I went through every legion to see what existed, as well as coming up with a few of them myself either just based on pure color theory, or existing Legions that are nothing more than tidbits of lore.  In the end he reviewed this package of ideas, and we went with Astraman. Which in hindsight was a great choice.  It needed some modernization, but that transition went very smoothly.

Not pictured here but included is every possible weapon option, tons of terrain, and accessories.  I really enjoy that and this project has a little bit extra sense of completion because of it.  I am the type of person to collect every little accessory and doodad to go with whatever I am interested in at the moment, so it’s a little extra cozy feeling and feels good to send out a complete package to the client.









Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoy, and see you next time!

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Author: Brandon Palmer
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