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Goatboy’s 40k Great Expectations: Fabius, Orks, Wolves & Knights

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Mar 16 2020
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Goatboy here again locked in my house waiting patiently for the new Psychic Awakening book to come out. I wanted to chat a bit about what we might see coming in the next few months.

Heck with the way things are going in the world reading and playing some goldfish games might be what will pass the time as the world tries to come to grips with COVID19.  But this isn’t a gloom and doom article – it is looking towards the future and my thoughts on what we could get. With that – let’s dive in.

Emperor’s Children & Fabius

First we have heard a ton of rumors about the Emperor’s Children.  A new book, new minis, and some reworked characters seems to be on deck right now with the small bits of Fabius we saw and his helper that looks like he jumped out of some old artwork.  I am pretty excited about this as I really like the character and hope with a few rules tweaks and changes we could have a neat lynchpin to the Chaos Space Marines.  The entire design of how he works is just interesting on the fluff side of things so having him get some Primaris bits and his overwhelming desire to experiment could be a huge boon for us Chaos Space Marine players (sufferers?).  I like how even though he is an Emperor’s Children unit he doesn’t mind working with anyone else – as long as he gets some goodies out of it.

I hope my new miniature is… Fabulous!

Let’s look at his current rules and figure out how he might change.  First he doesn’t have a Legion – which will most likely not stay the same due to the whole Emperor’s Children sort of thing we have coming.  His stats are a bit weird as he got a Strength of 5 but didn’t up his Toughness.  I expect his wounds and toughness to go up and to gain an attack of some sort.  That would leave him sitting fine and most likely we throw in some kind of Feel No Pain option and a better “upgrading” units option then he currently has.  Right now he can just update 1 squad to have a random effect.  I think we could see it no longer random and maybe something that he can dish out turn by turn as he gets near units.  That would be interesting and a new way to do an “aura” like effect.  Either way there are a lot of little things that can be done to help spruce him up a bit beyond just dumping on another “Primaris” wound and toughness.

Slaanesh knows your browser history Captain.

After that we have to look at how they might change the Emperor’s Children.  Faith and fury dumped a lot onto them so I am unsure what else we could get beyond updated Characters, maybe some new units, and additional Stratagems.  In fact – it is just a weird idea when Faith and Fury really dumped a lot to Chaos Space Marines.  If they gain some kind of Doctrine like system or some kind of additional option for being all Chaos Space Marines and Emperor’s children.  I don’t think will see some kind of kit bash legion set of rules and instead look at it like the Death Guard or Thousand Sons.  A few handful of extra units, removal of units that don’t match up, and maybe a few set of extra unique “pain” focused rules?  Will just have to wait and see if that comes and then Fulgrim comes out to play like the rumors say he is.

Orks & Wolves

I spend 2 hours after each battles untangling my hair from the damned frostblade.

Before all of that we know the Beasts are coming with Orks and Space Wolves.  I have talked a bit but with the new models showing up there has to be some unique rules for them.  There were some Ragnar leaks online but who knows if they are legit.  They didn’t sound insane – good – but not completely nutty.  He still needs a way into the opponents army as he is Primaris and without a Drop Pod he has to foot it or ride in an Impulsor.  I have always thought there was a true Rhino rush army so with Impulsor’s and Primaris probably becoming key to the Space Wolves will see those things coming up.  Having a ton of armor that has a 4+ save, -1 to hit from a spell/strat, and then full of monster coming out for some damage might be good.  All those hidden Thunder Hammers in Intercessors could be a thing with a 3+ to hit hammer time.  Heck this might mean I need to go find more beast men heads and throw some onto Primaris bodies to recreate my old Space Goats.  I love and hate the old Thundergeddon army and will see if they show up as big and powerful as they were before.  Next week expect a lovely set of breakdowns as I go over the book as I am a fan of both the Wolves and the Orks.

I think a see the 94th Primaris Lieutenant down there…


Speaking of the Orks – that Ghaz model looks amazing.  I don’t know how many tennis balls he is going to be able to shoot out of his assault 12 gun arm but he looks like an absolute beast.  I know that guy has a killer statline.  Throw in some kind of weird Waagh ability and you got a beat house monster.  I still think there is a full Tank army for Orks and if Ghaz works out to be an absolute beast of a missile jumping out of a Bone Breaka wagon.  Part of me really wants to make that Buggie/Wagon army and with how amazing Ghaz looks it is closer and closer to a reality.  If I get too into Ghaz it means I won’t be able to build my own true Klan but those rules have been kinda hit or miss lately.  I want them to be good so we don’t have to worry about a ton of meme’s talking about how bad the GSC section was in the last Greater Good book (I feel for you Clifton… those memes are amazing).  I just want a nice set of rules that are not completely broken so we can still keep up with the Marines and win some games with some true Orky thinking and strategy.

Engine War & Preview Seminars

After all of this I still have my sites set on the Engine War.  I have mostly finished my Chaos Knight army pending any extra rules and other nonsense.  Daemons showing up could be really good too as long as they add enough good rules to them.  Looking through the Codex just has you feel sad as it just feels not complete.  Its an odd book in the fact that it kinda does stuff alright – but that stuff really isn’t good anymore.  I just want it to be able to do some neat stuff that works.  Or at least to make the Greater Daemons Great again.  Those guys look so awesome but beyond just summoning them back after those pesky Grey Knights kill them they just – well suck.

With Adepticon cancelling I’m looking forward to the 2 new GW previews soon.  I had heard rumblings that the Adepticon 2 hour preview was going to be rad as hell so I hope we just get that stuff split apart a bit more so we can fill our minds with tons of new 40k goodness.  And AOS goodness and whatever else they want to show.  I love seeing all the new models and I hope we still get a plethora of neat stuff.  I am worried for the other events I had planned on going to in the next few months.  I feel for all the TO’s, buddies preparing armies, and the space we were going to have them.  It is going to be a rough few months and I hope to use the game and all the pics to keep me chugging along.

Let’s hope next week has me writing up some nonsense on new Orks and Space Wolf rules.  Or at least something positive and fun to chit chat about.

~What are you most looking forward to?


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