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GW Rumor Engine: Get Ready For Fisticuffs

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Mar 24 2020
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This new Rumor Engine is going for a two-pronged approach to fighting with your fists. Check it out and take a guess!

It’s a new week and a new Rumor Engine. Today, we’ve got an interesting take on a Fist Weapon that seems similar in design to a Katar. The big difference is that instead of one broad blade, it’s got 2 pointy bits! Take a look for yourself.

via Warhammer Community

You know what’s cool? Getting to see sweet minis that won’t be out for ages. You know what’s even cooler? The Rumour Engine, because it lets you do just that, each and every week! Have a look.

Well, we’ve got an interesting design for sure. We also have a Fist down at the bottom left corner – so we know it’s not some crazy fiend’s claw. So what do you suppose this one is?

Personally, I think it could be some type of Aelf Weapon for a few reasons. It seems like a more elegant weapon and it’s design is kind of ornate. Plus it has a big gem at the base, too. To me, that screams Aelf – or Aeldari for that matter! Maybe this is some new type of weapon for the Ynnari? That would be a cool twist – perhaps a Crone Blade?

Perhaps it’s a weapon for the long rumored Shadow Aelves under the rule of Malerion in the Realm of Shadow? That kind of fist as well – the blade does have a darker tone and looks a tad cruel.


Remember this guy? Fist weapons? Check. Aelf? Check. Age of Sigmar? Yep! Could be related…


Anyhow, let us know your best guesses in the comments – we’re just as curious as you are!


Author: Adam Harrison
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