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Outside the Box – March 6th

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Mar 6 2020

Hello and welcome back to Outside the Box – this week with Modiphius Entertainment, Knight Models, Anvil Industry, MOM Miniatures, Victrix, Puppetswar and more!

The first wave of Elder Scrolls releases can be pre-ordered from Modiphius Entertainment:–> More Modiphius Entertainment News

Knight Models presents new Batman Miniature Game miniatures: –> More Knight Models News

New options for the Regiments range are available from Anvil Industry:
–> More Anvil Industry News

Atomic Mass Games announced the Star-Lord and the Rocket & Groot character pack:–> More Atomic Mass Games News

A new preview picture has been published by Victrix:–> More Victrix News

Artel W Miniatures released new Fantasy miniatures: –> More Artel W Miniatures News

More Hive terrain is coming soon from TT Combat:–> More TT Combat News

Puppetswar presents a new preview:–> More Puppetswar News

New units for A Song of Ice and Fire are available from Cool Mini or Not:–> More Cool Mini or Not News


Warlord Games released new SPQR miniatures: –> More Warlord Games News

New female adventurers will soon be available from Westfalia Miniatures:–> More Westfalia Miniatures News

Mortian presents new preview pictures: –> More Mortian News

A new 15mm Coast Guard boat is coming soon from Khurasan Miniatures:–> More Khurasan Miniatures News

MOM Miniatures presents a new giant:–> More MOM Miniatures News


And Rubicon Models published a new preview picture:–> More Rubicon Models News

And Kickstarter is still quite busy:

0-hr – Cervantes: Starship Maps & Miniature
Brigade Games – Cthulhu and Pulp Characters
Paradigm Lost – Debut Dice Series
Games Miniatures – Gobfreak Stars Circus Fantasy Football Team
Autumn – Tizec: Modular Tabletop Terrain
Kieren Swift – 20th Century Brick Terrain for 28-35mm wargames
Dalreth – fantasy pewter miniatures for tabletop RPGs.
Table Clicks – Modular Terrain, Miniatures, and more for DnD
Mythic Games – Steamwatchers
Hand of Glory 2 – Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures
Real Game FX – Fog Monster 2 Tabletop Fog Machine w/ New Steaming Terrain
White Light Media – Revelations: Skirmish
Dobbel Dragon – 3D Printable Castle
WOW Buildings – WOW Apocalypse and Modern Warfare 3D printable files in stl
Forbidden Prints – District 0012
Steel Fist Miniatures – English Civil War in 15mm
Dragon Templ8 – ARTIFACTS
Quarantine Props – Bases for every army
WatCorp Designs – Modu-FAB 3d Printable Wargames Terrain
Lionheart Dice – Lionheart Dice
Dungeon Mastered – Dungeon Mastered
3DMazing – Deck Organizer System
Midlam Miniatures – Cult of the Moon Goddess
Culverin Models – The Commanding Castle
Krakon Games – Out of the Pit: Curse of the Kraken
Yedharo Models – Savage Orc Miniatures
Cyber Dice – Multicolor Frenzy Dice
Game Tile Warehouse – Meanders 4: Tsunami / Underwater Modern City RPG Maps
Arkada Studio – Erune
Battle Mats – Towns & Taverns. 2 Modular Books of Battle Mats for Roleplay
ZombieSmith – This Quar’s War Second Edition!
Privateer Press – WARCASTER: Neo-Mechanika

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